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It's the secret ingredient in the brownies that makes it all possible.

Speaking of which, I'll have another brownie please...

.....Oh, yummy... I'd love to eat something that ressembles that which comes out of the backside of my dogs :D

A plate of stale ****e sir?

Oh yes please, do let's Jenkins!
I'd love to see the dance your dogs preform when they squat if they can leave it in the shape of a pretzel.... you've got youtube talent there bud...
Tikka, Biryani? You said spicy? lol...... When you talking spicy to me that brings to mind.... Goan or Phall or Tindaloo or Vindaloo or Pradesh or even a Jal freeeeeeeeeeezy! lol.... Sure Tikka, Biryani..... they got flavour... Lots, but not a spicy flavour :/
They are much spicy ... isnt they the tikka's and seekh kabab...? where are you from because it sound like you are from India?.... cuz you know about phali and goan which i do not like...
Indian food = My favourite foods.... Nothing, nothing in this world can compare... Second to none is the Indian dishes.... I am from sunny old England ;)

Goan's and Phall are ok lol I will eat them from time to time but Bhuna, Makhani and rogan josh and such are my more favoured dishes.