BNP at the EU

l think you'll find they think they're being perfectly rational [ie not subjective or emotional] in their pursuit of a means to an end
quite a lot of roumanian families in belfast are having problems with attacks from [presumably protestant?] locals and the police are being criticized for not responding quickly enough with the sequence of events; they were taken in by a local chapel then another venue as they all felt it necessary to flee from their homes until they get rehoused, but a lot want to go back to roumania.

frustrations against #anyone different#
The support for the B*P is patchy. On this link you can see that 1 in 6 voted for the BNP. Although this is partly due to low turnout this doesn't of course mean a higher turnout would have meant a differerent result; in theory the non-voters could all have gone out and voted B*P.

BNP: Barnsley voters turn their backs on Labour over 'foreigners' - Times Online


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1 in 6. that seems like rather alot but then there seems to be a fairly consistent national debate in most western European countries concerning illegal immigration and, i'd imagine, legal immigration as well.

North America is having that debate as well...i think it's one of the most pressing concerns for a whole host of societies for the next decade or two.


when there is a recession extremist politics become more palatable... it happens every time... check the history books...

the BNP already has links to other european fascist parties- german, belgium, dutch, etc, etc...

now they can have legitimate meetings and get their respective governments to pay for promo materials...

my nanna always said... never trust a person with a turn in his/her eye...


I rest my case...