Sex Magik

don't forget true scientist/ true artist. :)

Yes, of course!

Samael Aun Weor said:
When a person crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a flower, or a man crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear within the soul; these feelings reveal unto the consciousness the utmost sources of perfection which are found in the harmony of shapes

When thought is crossed with feeling, then the human being is not only in perfect harmony with himself, but moreover, he has more capacity to confront with success the labor which he is willingly doing.

It is necessary to think as a philosopher and to feel as an artist, because the magical, enchanting amalgam of the soul of the true superman emerges from the precious cross that unites the elevated thought of the philosopher with the divine sensibility of the artist. This Cross of thought and feeling, in a perfect harmony and concordance, is what allows the development of the mystical and spiritual sides of existence.

Blessed and Divine Cross, in thy precious structure is found hidden all the mysteries of Nature and Life.

Sexual magic, tantrism or alchemy, is based upon the crossing of elements.

The Power is in the Cross