Something I read earlier today that I don't know where to put

We all need this, correct?

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Radiolab had on an episode about HIV/AIDS and COVID, featuing Dr. Anthony Fauchi (his career was bookmarked by both diseases.)
It turned out that Fauchi knew one of the AIDS protesters!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

I can't help but admire the guy.

My SO's ancestors are from Ukraine. This whole tragedy is upsetting to me (and them), even if the Ukrainians at large had a rather... complex... history with said ancestors.

Anyway. Politics sucks. Wars suck. Being human is messy and complicated. At this point in time, I am rooting for UA.
The US House of Representatives are still voting for Speaker (my representative, Moore from Wisconsin, voted for Jeffries, who is a democrat.)

The last time someone wasn't elected to the Speakership on the first ballot took nine ballots, and that was back in 1923!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine