The Full Armor of God

How is the hammer of Thor, a comic book? Not that I am in to comics, but I don't laugh and call you names for thinking god is real do I? so shaaaaaad ap! ;)

Sorry. It was I - Lasso of Truth = Wonder Woman.:eek:
Another awesome God glorifying thread that has been derailed.. and this one is reduced to lust after wonder woman.

I think FS already covered all the scripture lol I am late but still would like to throw in my 2 cents worth
First none of this armour is Man Made every bit of it every rivot every nut bolt and screw is asembled by God Himself and offered to us as protection from evil.
Starting at the top
Helmet protects our brain our eyes our mouth our ears. Think of this if all we thought of was Salvation all we looked to was Salvation All we spoke of was Salvation All we listened to were things of salvation. Salvation is the protector of the head the thoughts the sights the sounds the speech.

Breastplate If this where my righteousness I would have all the protection of a fruit of the loom T-shirt if not less. It covers my heart my lungs the organs I rely on for life. When my shield fails me it is Christs Righteousness that provides my final defence.

Belt of Truth Belts of this type where the fanny packs of the day pockets for holding things we need as we march along lifes road. They did way more than just keep your pants up. Truth holding all the little things that we find needful in our day to day.

Shoes of peace Now these are tricky remember God made not Man made. Peace is something we need to stand on Gods peace gives us stability speed traction comfort. If these where what the world saw as peace they would be less comfort than going barefoot across broken glass. Peace from God allows us to stand facing the troubles of life in comfort.

Shield of Faith This one perplexes me a little because it could be viewed two ways real easy. The more faith the Bigger and Better the Shield? Or The Faith being our general belief each person being given a shield of equal quality.
The first relies on me and my ability if this where the type of shield days would come when I carry no shield at all I wake up some mornings and wonder if I will make it through the day.....Not a very good shield doesnt fit with the rest of the armor if I am creating it.
If it be the Faith being like the Faith of our fathers what we believe in and not how much than it is indeed a great shield. It becomes something that is easy to carry even on days like mentioned above something I can hide behind if needed. It is a bold statement to the enemy being seen from far off. The choice to launch an attack on someone who carries such a shield would be foolish.
The Sword of Gods Word Funny no scabard is mentioned always supposed to be in hand ready for use to slice and dice your enemy to shreads....??? I think NOT. It is sharper than any man made sword. How many diferent sword designs are there? Why? Well Men have been trying to build a better sword for as long as we have been making them Getting the balance right the length the overall design. Truth is no Christian should ever want to do battle with the sword but rather recruit others to carry it. If someone gets cut with it it is because they have attacked. It is a weapon close combat only not good for throwing no long range attacks but when needed and the enemy is that close usable for defence.

As a soldier in the days when this was written I wonder what the mental affect was while reading this. Guys who carried these things everyday felt crushed under the weight of man made armor. What would they think of Gods armor?
I am reminded we are told the Gates of Hell will not prevail. Gates dont fight??? We can in Gods armor walk through the fires of hell and rescue those who are in danger. We fight the Good fight for every soul.
I am at war everyday a spiritual war where I know my family and my country are at risk. I send out prayer like artillery to ask God to defend me and provide support.
Love is in my heart Gods love I owe it to Him to take this armor and wear it willingly to protect that relationship. Put it on Christians wear it in its true form God-made not man-made.

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Also, I would like to point out that there is no covering dedicated to covering the rear. That's because God has your back.
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