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I thought I'd start a topic inviting people to name their personal flaws, and how they seek to correct them. :)

For my own part, arrogance is an especially problem. It seems that the acquiring of knowledge is a great way to feed this flaw. Obviously, the more you learn the more you know!

So I try to observe two spiritual truths - firstly, that we are all equal, no matter our differences; and secondly, that knowledge is infinite, and that no mortal mind may encompass that (in other words, without full knowledge of a subject there is always room for error).

I still often overstate myself, act too clever with new words and terminology, and sometimes feel like correcting someone who appears to be ignorant, only to find it was I.

So, if you ever think that I'm acting arrogant, do please tell me. I don't admin this board because I wish to be a big gnarly boss - I do so as part of a general wish to learn, and to help others learn. This site can offer unqiue opportunities there, and I'm happy to be a part of that.

Oh, I'm far too materialist for a start. But hey life is tough and sometimes having a roof and food is a good thing! And I get bored if I haven't got anything to think about so keeping me entertained is good for me! Is that bad? Maybe or maybe not.
Maybe my worse problem is not being committed enough to ideas. A lot of people here seem to have good ideas of what they believe in but I'm not too sure. There are areas,,but I've not pinned it down to specifics. Especially complicated as general categories of belief always seem to be broken down into further subcategories and all tend to be pretty exclusive. Or maybe its my attitude there that is the problem? I would prefer to be able to get stuck into an idea, a cause, without worrying if I was wrong. I can really see the joys of fundamentalism there but I want to believe in things because they seem right not forced. For me the issue of god is undecided. So what do I belief? Not sure. I'm the perennial agnostic! Maybe I need a few more years of life experience to be shunted down any particular avenue of belief.
My flaws? Too indecisive usually. Though when I do make a decision I do stick to it. In that way I can be terribly stubborn.
Blue said:
My flaws are having diabetes and knowing so much I realise how little I actually know! :rolleyes:

Namaste blue,

i wouldn't consider diabetes a flaw, that's a medical condition.. not a personality trait :)

i have way too many to list... they start with ignorance and all proceed from there.

i, too, am inclined to the intellectual side and as such, i can become, all unbeknownst to me, of course, quite irratable with my constant correction... at least that's what i've been told :)

*quickly leaves before all flaws are brought into the light*
Where shall we start?

1) I am too inquisitive for my own good.

2) I am easily distracted from what has to be done.

3) I "latch onto" people that intrigue me almost to the point of obsession.

4) I forget to do important things.

5) I'm a procrastinator.

6) I'm obsessed with creatures other than homo sapiens sapiens (especially felines.)

7) I am quick to anger when someone questions my sex ("Are you a girl or a boy?")

8) I am a pack rat when it comes to information/"stuff".

9) I am a klutz (broke through a bathroom tile wall with my foot accidentally and pulled the bar out of the towel holder in the self-same bathroom.)

10) I have a hard time telling some people what I truly think of them to their faces.

I can continue if anybody's interested in more.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I am stubborn at certain times.
Introverted. :(
Personal flaws?

Well, I tend to procrastinate at times, especially over things I don't really want to do in the first place.

I am way too self-critical. My Virgo personality showing, I guess.

I have a great deal of trouble hiding it when I am in a bad mood.

I tend to expect too much from myself, and then I get stressed when I can't do what I think I should be able to do (even though I know intellectually that I should be perfectly happy with what I can accomplish).

I don't trust people easily. (Is that a flaw or a survival strategy?)

I tend to be way too sentimental.

I worry about things that I don't have any control over.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it's more than enough for now.
personal flaws.

temper, impatient, vain, covetous, passionate, egomaniac, unsatisfied, potty mouth, curious, easily amused. i have more but none come to mind right now.
What a very honest post Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine, I share your love of all things 'kitty'.

As for me, I am lazy, tactless, self important, unforgiving, wear my heart on my sleeve, judgmental, jealous and selfish. Oh with a small self loathing problem. These are not, I hope, all the time or all at the same time.

Gosh I wish you had also asked for our saving graces as well.

What am I doing about it....I am getting much better at not judging people, have been working hard on that one. Living in the Middle East is knocking the self importance out of me, teaching me no to be so selfish (I do not NEED a gas guzzling car, the latest 42" lcd tv or 59 pairs of shoes (yes I once had 59 pairs of shoes I am ashamed to admit)). The laziness and heart on sleeve I am still struggling with. :( The self loathing - I don't even know where to start with it, so just try to ignore it.
I can be lazy, self-centered, short-tempered, impulsive, easily distracted, impatient, stubborn and I frequently try to share with people close to me how to more successfully deal with the curve balls life throws them and live more happily but then get very annoyed when they ignore me and continue to live in self-defeating and self-destructive ways when really I should place more focus on applying those strategies and perspectives to my own life.

Impatient....... Simple... How do I look to correct it? I don't.....
Quick to violence/anger..... How do I look to correct it? Again, I don't I can't help it..... :D I got a doctors note to excuse my actions too... So yeah.

I can be lazy, self-centered, impulsive

WHAT? The man said -flaws- not pro's.......

I see how this is gonna work ok my "flaws".... lol yea right.

Drug user
Know it all
Personality disorders
Could go on.... *sighes*
hi muslimwoman,
...heart on sleeve I am still struggling with...
i am sorry, but i don't know what this means? i am awfully curious as to what having your heart on your sleeve means? and i don't get it, why would you loathe yourself? you don't have to answer if you want. thanks.
oooohhh. i guess that is me, too, then. hey 17th, quite a list you have there my friend! that is what makes you such a cool dude. it is pretty cool when someone admits to his or her flaws. it is an amazing thing to realize that we are just human.
Most of them I wouldn't see as a flaw..... :) I see most of them as good points.. Such as you say you wear your heart on your sleeve? Bad because you could get burned, bad because you may bore someone who is too nice to say anything.... BUT, Good because you get it all out, Good because you know where you stand with a person who is open. See... I see good and bad to all these "flaws".

Mmmmm post 17... Smells good.
no doubt about it, there are good and bad to flaws. for instance the self loathing thing. i too hate my self. it is good because you are humble and not proud but it is bad because you can really depress the sh** out of yourself. :D
oh don't get me wrong, i find myself amazing, too!:rolleyes:;):D but, man, at the end of the day i want the same things you want, like money and power. i guess i am a ma-ma-ma-material boy. lol.