OOOOH! I'm gettin' anxious....at this rate, we might be able to celebrate both the New Year and 4000 members! WooHoo!!! :D
Seattlegal said:
{It doesn't have "salad dressing" in it, does it?} **ducks around corner for cover** :p

Salad dressing is an imposter. It can't really hold anything together in the end. I know--I've tried.

It also snaps you back to reality after you eat those brownies.
After the brownies, who wants to snap back to reality?

PS, got anymore of them brownies? I know a cat that can sniff them out...
Hmmm, I knew I'd been aroung here a little while, but I'm coming up on three years Jan 8. When I signed on there was somewhere between 6 and 7 hundred registered users. Boy has this place come a long way in three years...
Please, not in the hot tub....

*A few points went through his mind... The water was already warm, there were many people, meaning many distractions... There were also bubbles and he was currently well hydrated.. They'd never knew it hit them....... ¬.¬*

Oh, but of course not! Don't worry seattle.
We still love you anyway, 17th. **shakes head and grins** {We just might have to put you in charge of keeping the hot tub clean...}
I don't know who #1000 was, but I was hoping #4000 would actually hang out for a while, provided they are real and not an ad, of course. #s 2000 and 3000 never posted. Maybe the celebration scared them away? :)

I don't know but I think I've been posted, them brownies are gooooood. And the more I eat the hungrier I get....I can tell you right now that these ain't gonna feed 4,000 and their may not even be any left if whoever he/she is doesn't get here quick.

Just in case I've left two brownies and sardines...who knows number 4000 may be able to help feed the rest of ya...

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day....

he he a fly just landed in my punch....he's doin the back stroke.

one poster, two posters three posters floor....cool turn on the black lights and the strobe same time!!

I'm gettin tired.

Always remember my brothers and sisters that it is better to dance than to march.

Pass the brownies pllleeeaaase ?

Quite a party I've been missing while away! Hope everyone had a Happy New Year Day...by the looks of all the pizza boxes and beer bottles on the deck around the hot tub I guess that's a safe bet.

Still five away. Maybe the brownies with sardines scared them away.

Or was that a sideways reference to loaves and fishes?
No, they're out behind the garage smokin' a hooter. Hey dudes, we only need five more! No, not you Viagra4less.

Been to get a crate of Cava. I know it won't go round 4,000 but for those of us ensconced in the hot tub it'll make the 4,000 go with a bang:p


(my skin's going wrinkly!!!)