Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy

Hi Ardenz. :)

(Just saw your post--sorry I overlooked it before.) Thank you for the link. Yes, I do believe very much in the benefits of unprocessed foods (veggies and fruits and stuff) whenever available. It just makes sense to me. Of course, there are times when processed is all one can tolerate, but for the most part, natural is better! I think that we really know relatively little about the healing and maintenance (especially the healing) properties of natural substances that come from Mother Earth. And so often, it seems like once we discover a benefit of any particular thing, we tend to go "off the deep end" and overdo it. That puts us right back where we started. (My mother could never get over the overconcentration of nature's elixirs that takes place in so much of the mass production we see today.)

The thought of recovering and being around for my own dad and family, and just doing some things I always thought I was supposed to do--if anything can help me through these days and hours and minutes, that would be it!

So stop saying "the thought of" (as though it could never happen) and start thinking 'in 10 years I will go to Egypt and holiday with my friend Sally'. :D Dad is absolutely fine and has been for years. He had to have 3/4 of his bowel removed and was told they could not get all of it, so go home and 'get prepared', you have a maximum of 6 weeks. He basically said 'stuff you', I have one small grandchild and I WILL watch him grow. There is no medical proof that his mind 'cured' him but every scan said negative, nothing there and yet the specialist said they could not get it all. The specialist was at a total loss to explain it but did admit that mental attitude seems to be the key. So NO negative thoughts, not one - they are now banned. I am sorry to harp on about it but I believe with all my heart that the mind can beat this, I saw it happen and I can't think of a nicer person it could happen to than you.

As for taking drugs and driving, he should be ashamed. He is not helping at all, quite the opposite. This is just giving the media and people in opposition a reason to say 'look where this road will lead us'. Shame on him.

Salaam habibty