What Are You Watching on Youtube?

Cinema Paradiso.........
A cinema in an Italian town where all viewing of passion was censored by the church. This is the revised edition where in the final scene the edits were found, saved by the projectionist and passed down to his assistant now a film director himself....... he views..........

YouTube - cinema paradiso

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Ani Choying Drolma is a Tibetan nun.
Her voice is pure beauty.

YouTube - New Song from Nepal (Tibet) - Ani Choying Dolma


From Iraq. I believe these descriptors look strange due to the Arabic not translating. The links tested good.

YouTube - موال عراقي للمغتربين يبجي بصوت المنشد محمد العزاوي

YouTube - baghdad song حسام الرسام

YouTube - جرح العراق- حسام الرسام

Iraq has one of the largest refugee problems in the world. Nearly 5 million Iraqis have left their homes. Many of these were driven out by the recent "Surge" that was supposed to have led to improved security. A substantial segment of Iraqis have left the country with no plan to return.
Refugee Crisis Threatens Future of Iraq | War on Iraq | AlterNet
I'm listening to the long version of Miracles by the Jefferson Starship (I'm not linking to the video because it's the long version, not the edited down version.
) Will PM the link to anybody who is legitimately interested in the video.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Possibly the finest visuals I've seen on YouTube.
Music is better at low volumes imho.

YouTube - Shabbat Shalom Lecha Dodi

I've got that album. It's pretty good.