What Are You Watching on Youtube?

Hey Dauer.

You know me, I've always been a legend in my own mind. By 1970 I had a wife, a daughter, a boring job, and was paying a mortgage on a 3 bdrm. house. But all that didn't keep me from diggin' da funk.

Pathless...If you haven't already bought a book of Mr. Morrison's poetry and just read it in a quiet place and just thought about it, don't waste another minute.

Did someone say...FUNKY ?

*I'm the dude with the moustache in the 2nd row dancing behind the girl in the black dress*


YouTube - Sly & The Family Stone - Live - 1970 Kraft Music Show

Havent' read Mr Mojo Risin's poetry yet.

If that is really you, flow--funkin' groovy, man! I love it. You look so happy. :D
Shameful conduct by U.S. soldiers and contractors in Iraq.

American soldiers crush a taxi:
YouTube - US Tank crushes Iraqi civilian's car

A tank rolls down the street, honking and shoving cars out of its way, then cruises into oncoming traffic:
YouTube - U.S vehicle runs over everything in iraq

"War fought by the first Playstation generation":
YouTube - Generation Kill - Iraq

Contractors shoot seemingly randomly from their vehicle:

Teaching Iraqi children about their country:
YouTube - US soldiers sing with iraqi children "F*ck Iraq"

Offering a kid a hand grenade:
YouTube - How To Scare the Shit Out of an Iraqi kid

More fun with kids:
YouTube - soldiers making fun of iraqi kids
Yeah Primus and the Dan!

What I'm watching on BBC iPlayer!: England beating France in the rugby!!! :D

YouTube - Steely Dan - Midnight Cruiser
YouTube - Tears For Fears - Woman In Chains
YouTube - Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed (the Trashes the World tour)
YouTube - Xena - Hymn to Her

I know, I know. I watch/listen mostly to music videos. Two have connotations of domestic abuse (the Tears for Fears video and the Alice Cooper video) and one is rather Pagan (the Pretenders video.)

Just enjoy (I hope I haven't offended anybody with any of these picks. :eek:)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

Phyllis I doubt you could offend anybody if you went for a 6 week intensive training course at San Quentin. Love all the tracks but Steely Dan still one of my fav bands ever.

This one is dedicated to Flow..
YouTube - Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce

Present and accounted for my dear.
Thanks for the memorializations guys, and with another elder milestone b'day coming up tomorrow, I do feel a bit well-worn.

Tao, you are uncanny. The lady in bed looked a lot like my second, but I don't think she could dance like that. At least I never saw an inkling.

OTOH these guys could always make me jump up and wanna dance my ass off.


YouTube - Grateful Dead - Truckin'