What Are You Watching on Youtube?

YouTube - Göran Söllscher Guitar Recital in Tokyo (1)

Enough strings?

hecktor, nintendo.... Look nothing like you ;) Booyah.

I watch a show called "Reaper" And there is a freaking hilarious part, and I found it on you tube and decided to show it.......

YouTube - Hungry For Fame - Part 3

Watch from about 1min 15seconds in to 2mins in where Sock drops his bomb... I was high when I frist saw this and ended up choking on a rolo yoghurt lol...
Another of my long lists:

YouTube - [Les Miserables] 10th anniversary - On My Own
YouTube - "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables (vj chris videos)
YouTube - Foolish Beat
YouTube - Boyz II Men - A Song For Mama
YouTube - Treadmill Kittens
YouTube - Who's on first?
YouTube - Who's On First?
YouTube - Frankie Valli-My eyes adored you
YouTube - My Eyes Adored You-Frankie Valli

I know, I know. There's two pairs of (almost) duplicates, but the Who's On First routine is one I really enjoy, and My Eyes Adored You is a song I love. :eek:

Luckily I didn't post the link to December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night). :eek: :D

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine