What Are You Watching on Youtube?

you may or may not know that i read/listen to the teachings of j krishnamurti. two videos split into clips have been posted by seastarwatcher recently which are fascinating regardless of your perspective. i have given the first clip of each vid, if you like it the other clips are on the right.

the first is a biography of his life:

YouTube - J. KRISHNAMURTI : Part 1 : Life Story & Teachings.

the second is k talking at the united nations, some of the clips on this set are awesome! they introduce him as "the world teacher" and even try to give him a medal at the end, which he was so not interested in:

YouTube - KRISHNAMURTI at United Nations. part 1

oh i might as well add the first clip of his very last talk before he died:

YouTube - KRISHNAMURTI : Last Talks. Part 1 of Talk 3.

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I love this!

YouTube - 1981 Early Computer Graphics

It's like a bunch of early computer graphics programmers did acid and then had a brainstorm over lunch.

CP1: "Whoa. Let's make a trippy computerized video, man."
CP2: "Yeah. We could do it. Let's put some flowers in it."
CP1: "And a flashing, vectored face! And a cosmic eye!!"
CP3: "Some really looney music!"
CP2: "How about a juggler?"
CP1: "Yeah! A cosmic juggler, man!!"
CP2: "In a tux!!"
CP4: "I like colorful shapes!"
CP5: "I like this pizza!!"
CP2: "Whoa! Like a rainbow triangle, man!"
CP1: "It'll take work."
CP2: "Oh..."
CP1: "And we'll have to put a logo in it."
CP2: "Oh, man."
CP3: "Let's just go eat some more acid."
CP1: "Yeah, let's trip on it."
ALL: "YEAH!!!"
Hi. These videos are in sequence but IMHO they are very important. It will take you about three hours to get through them all.

I've heard this guy on the radio many times, but never got to hear his "Big Picture " conclusions. Lots of things that I have learned over the years comport with his information and findings. IMHO we've all been lied to by our leaders for some time now (quelle surprise !). His reasons are as sensible as any others I've run abross.

YouTube - Project Camelot Interviews Richard Hoagland - Part 1 of 3
YouTube - Project Camelot Interviews Richard Hoagland - Part 2 of 3

Somehow #3 got lost.I'll try to post it later...Voila !

YouTube - Project Camelot Interviews Richard Hoagland - Part 3 of 3
Something from Alice Cooper: YouTube - Alice Cooper-Poison
Something that I believe Scarlet Pimpernel might enjoy the subtitles (I was told they are in Dutch): YouTube - Victor Borge - "A Mozart Opera"
A rather interesting tribute song/video (a few "live" performance video clips): YouTube - rock n roll heaven -Righteous Brothers (removed due to a "Terms of Use" violation. :()
Same tune as the previous video, but quite a few more performers (albeit stills, and a couple of the "dead" performers aren't in Rock and Roll heaven): YouTube - ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS MIKE

I'll post more later. :eek:

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