Health and Wellbeing

I have heard the term "age appropriate" when it comes to exercise and sports. Is there such a thing? For those of us getting a bit grey in the muzzle, should we be slowing down or pushing the envelope to see what "aging" really means?

Good question Paladin and I have no idea of the correct answer. I know I hear of 'fit' 30 year olds that die taking moderate exercise and pensioners that run marathons, so perhaps it should be 'person appropriate' rather than age appropriate?
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Health and wellbeing and the topic turns to drink??!!

I've been off it for two weeks now...also been busy not much time to drop in - I'm now onto sage tea.

Ardenz :)
Really well done Ardenz, love the tea updates ;):D

I am on 4 weeks tomorrow with no chocolate :eek: Give these women a medal!!
Paste in some links to CR discussions about health topics on this thread, and I'll get the new health board set up and move the threads to it. :)
I don't know how to post a link to a thread but there was also my thread on Female Circumcision. If that wasn't about health and wellbeing I don't know what is. :D
You are such a cool dude 17th, thank you that means a lot to me (your reply, not that you are cool).
Your answer was much, much nicer. (afwan would be the normal reply but your reply was warm, friendly and welcoming).

That's why I went with it... I thought, you know what! MW is my awesome... (I want to say sadiqati... but gonna go with.) Sadiqi! And she deserves the friendly warm response not the standard reply!