my biggest ever crush


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Maryland. usa. FINALLY! LOL
Hi guys, and gals,. I was just commenting to a friend the other day on our biggest ever crushes were. For me it was and always will be Yul Brynner(hope I spelt it correct).In the King and I, He was it for me. yummmy yul. Yes I know it was stupid, but today when I watch that movie i still fall madly in love with him. He was arrogant and impossible but sooooooo cute. is it just me or is it getting hot in here??:eek: Now adays my biggest crush would have to be on detective Goran (law and order criminal intent). I am fully aware that these guys are only characters, but come one. humour me here. I know there are a few Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt crushes out there. What do you think.lov ethe Grey:)
Back in the day it was Senta Berger for me. Grrrrooowwwlllll !

That reminds me, I think I'll Goggle up some images and see whassup !

Hi Grey

I have had a long term crush on Morgan Freeman. I know it is just the characters he plays but they are manly, honourable and intelligent. Oh and that deep husky voice - you are right it is very hot in here. :p

Another one would be Rowan Atkinson. Okay he is not traditionally sexy but he just has something smoochy about him and boy is he funny. A man that can make me laugh has won half the battle. ;)

To sound really, totally pathetic I have to say my biggest all time ever crush is with my husband. Honestly, no matter how much he annoys me, he just has to smile and my knees buckle (but don't tell him that or he will get the upper hand and we can't have that). He is just sooooo gorgeous and of course real. :eek::)

Johnny Depp... I mean! Christina AguleirarararaLARGH! I can never spell that so I just think hey I am gonna put what I want.....

lol.... Crushes are not something I do... In honesty... I dunno, never been my "thing". Kinda did a raffle in my mind and christina aga laga ooooga air aARGH came out first.
There was the girl in fifth grade....there was the teacher in 7th grade...and another in 11th....

but the biggest one was after little over a week backpacking hungry, high from completion, after seeing very few folks on the trail..walking into a store...some unnamed blond...I followed her around like a puppy dog...