High Holidays


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Just a quick note to say aloha nui, the high holidays are here and I think of everyone .... I continue my studies of the Torah and find each day that I know so little and have such a long ways to go .... what a path of beauty this has become even though my eyes see and my ears hear the destruction and the division in this world, but I long for the day that the third temple becomes real and the mosiach returns ....my heart is filled with peace ... me ke aloha pumehana, poh
Shalom Everyone :)

I don't know if this fits in exactly with this thread, but I think it does. I don't know any greetings, really, either. But I just wanted to comment. I noticed that today, my calendar is marked with the term "Sukkot". This brings back a fond memory.

A few years ago, when I was visiting extended family in Minnesota, we were invited by a Jewish family in the neighborhood to participate in this tradition. To acknowledge the harvest and the end of the growing season, the family opened their flower and veggie garden to the community and everyone cut bundles of what was still left and we tied them all to wooden arbors, making a liittle outdoor room or hut. Then everyone sat around tellng something about the past year, and we had some food made from what the family had already harvested that week. It was really very nice, and I guess I was wondering how many people actually celebrate this way, and are there other ways? I will always remember that family's hospitality, and I hope you all are having a meaningful and wonderful season.