Changing Sexual Orientation Is Possible, New Research Says

You have me mistaken of someone else Bob. I never said a teacher should bully any student on anything, let alone a personal preference.
Again, you are not being honest here. We were discussing California's recent codification of the rule that teachers should not make disparaging or demeaning remarks about their students' religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or handicaps. Blattz was apparently sucked in by some lying propaganda about what the statute was really about, and bowed out of the discussion when I posted the actual statute. You, however, attacked that statute, ranging over a couple of threads to stress your views that it is totally "natural" to have contemptuous attitudes towards us, and "outrageous" and "intolerable" to expect anyone to refrain from openly expressing contempt, and hoping that good Christians will abandon the public schools rather than put up teachers being told not to gay-bash in class.
And I do not have a bias against Islam
I didn't say you did. I said *I* did. I was making an example: I do not have biases against homosexuals (duh!), but I do have attitudes that some would certainly call biased (ask Muslimwoman), yet I do not find it in the least bit "intolerable" that I am expected to keep that out of the classroom.
In the Coast Guard we pick and choose no one Bob.
That is good to hear. You were putting a lot of stress, again spilling over several threads, that those who serve the public should be allowed to refuse service to anyone at any time. So, you don't think this applies to the Coast Guard; but you do think it applies to the health-care industry. What is the scope of the discrimination you think proper? Should landlords refuse to rent to me? Should restaurants refuse to feed me? Should grocery stores refuse to let me purchase?
As I recall, I tried offering you avenues for insurance that you were lacking...
I told you that no such avenues were open to me. You and your kind foreclosed the possibility of me being treated like anyone else.
Interesting none the less, how you "let byegones be byegones"...
??? I did not say "let bygones be bygones"; what made you think I had forgotten any of the things that offended me? I would not have abandoned this board just because there was one troll on it, but you are not just any troll: you have some "moderator" role here.
I would rather have hoped that you would either explain that what I took you to be saying was not what you meant to say, as you have begun in the case of "we refuse the right to serve anyone" and the Coast Guard, or apologize. Dishonestly pretending you didn't even say some of the things you said is not helpful.