How many hours do you spend reading and posting on the CR web site?


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Hello peoples,

Just a matter of curiosity. I try to limit the amount of time I spend reading and posting on the CR web site. I'm in the habit of having a peek every day on what's happening . . . and yeah, it can be quite addictive . . . trying to keep a tab on what others are up to.

. . . I don't post that frequently . . . look at my post count!!:) Been here since 2005. Some of the people who came in 2005 are already in their thousands.

I'm not as omnipresent around the site as I could be . . . some people . . . are able to find the time to post anywhere. and everywhere.

Oh . . . I almost forgot to ask the question :eek: . . . how many hours do you spend reading and posting on this web site? How devoted are you?

Where do the rest of you find the time, given your other commitments? I probably spend at least 6 hours a week, maybe even double that . . . and that to me might be too much. A quarter to half a day.
I probably spend 1-7 hours a week depending. I tend not to post on too many threads at a given time, but if I get very involved in a thread I will devote some time and attention to it.

I like to check on it everyday. but usually I dont have a lot of time. Maybe an hour every day. But if I miss a day or two I feel I have to check up and see how my old mates are. Yes, this is my social life. LOL.
I don't want to know. I do know that I have to limit the threads I read, despite the fact that almost all of them interest me. And I am thoroughly surprised and upset even when I missed a particularly interesting and lively topic.

I'll admit it. I'm addicted. I'm addicted to interfaith conversation and growth. Sometimes I'm up early check online before I go to work and then when I get home find that its been on all day...

Sometimes I think I spend to much time, and am putting off stuff that is more important. Is there something more important than spiritual growth and understanding? Not to say this is my only avenue for this, but it does help incredibly to hear the viewpoints and knowledge from folks all over.

How much time? too much and not enough.

I do post too much though....diarrhea of the fingers....I have a social life, and you guys are part of it, this weekend, live theater, dancing, church, a movie, football with the gang, and C-R...
I spend a few hours, maybe three on average, surfing the net as a substitute for having a social life. There are a bunch of boards where I try to read everything, whether it is up my alley or not (fortunately I am a fast reader), so I don't get to every board every day.
Fair amount of time posting... Over the working day (8hours) Hardly any time whatsoever reading... I keep this page open 8 hours a day every work day... And look at it from time to time so I would say 2 - 4 hours per day I'm active on the site.... Please note: I do not use this as a replacement for a social life, but a work life.
I try to limit my time, yet this is one of the places I come to articulate my thoughts and develop perspective. I don't particularly like sitting in front of the computer for long stretches of time, so I usually visit the site for several short periods of time throughout the day. I tend to get involved with only a few threads at a time, although I often give in to the urge to dash off one-liners in threads that I probably don't have much business in.

I also go through phases and sometimes won't look at the site for months. Once I check back in, it is hard to drop out again, because of the lively discussions, general silliness, and the urge to be 'heard.' I've probably spent as much as 15 hours, maybe even 20, involved with this site in a week, but those times are short-term bursts and really not all that good for my well-being. I'd say on average I spend between one to two hours reading and posting on the site each day.

I'm a nerd. :D :eek:
A lot depends what else is going on. When my computer at home worked I spent even more time.

Like wil, I value the subject matter. Like dauer, I tend to get very involved in single threads that spark my interest. Like most everybody I have come to value and cherish the people I "know" here. I'm not sure I would say that this place is a substitute for a social life, but then I am sure others might say that is precisely what I am doing. "Social life" is a kinda foreign concept to me, since I don't do the bar/ pub scene and could care less about fashion or fantasy.

If I get on a roll and put myself into a thread, I have been known to take as much as 6 hours, even occasionally more, to compose one reply; between research and agonizing over how to say what I want to say. Even then it seems I still can't please everyone.

Maybe that's part of the point, dunno... :D