Farewell Princess Bhutto

It is a sad day for moderate Islam and the people of Pakistan.

No doubt this is cowardly act and have no language to condemn.
Let her soul rest in peace.
Demise of Mrs Bhutto has nothing to do with Islam.
Bush has lost his emerging puppet who could be replaced to General Mosharf.
[FONT=&quot]This all are dirty politics and was not unpredictable. [/FONT]
Ofcourse, it has got nothing to do with Islam. She had spent millions to create a liberal image in the us-media. Us govt supported her because she would prove to be the next puppet for them , like Mubarak or Karzai. Pakistani Govt had to back off from all the corruption cases because of American pressure. Her each & every statment in Pakistan was more to please US Govt rather than Pakistanis.

Moderate/liberal Islam is more of a political neoglism created by the western thinktanks, just like they created "galant mujahideen" quarter century ago. The "galant mujahideen" people are now called "Islamist extremists".

But assassination......an act thats way too disgusting.
Al Queda claims responsibility. And that is Islam? It is my understanding that the moderate/liberal Islam of which you speak was created by the west was the Islam that survived for the past five hundred years. Seems to me it was the west that created the radical Islam...but beyond all that.

I know it is a Jewish tradition to bury quickly, is it also with Islam. I couldn't believe that hours after her death I saw them carrying her coffin, and then this morning reading that she had already been buried.

One may say puppet, but to me she represented Islam in a mighty way. The west generally believes that Islam oppresses women, having her as a leader speaks volumes. Her ability to work with other leaders and get things done was impressive. She will be missed, it appears by some more than others.
Yesterdays well planned assassination of Benazir Bhutto was a tragedy so many quietly expected, but hoped would never happen. It destroyed my seasonal happiness, confirmed yet again that we live in , despite our material progress, our fairy lights and tinsel, a barbaric and lawless time.

It saddens me that I read here 2 posts that do nothing but prop up the propaganda those that are pulling all the strings want us to believe. Bhutto was executed because she had promised to call Americas bluff, not because she was their lackey. By allowing the wholehearted pursuit of Taliban and Al Quida cell leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, into Pakistan she was essentially saying there would be no safe haven for Bush's real allies in this war on truth. That Muslims cannot see they are being duped by their leaders, that their most notorious leaders are complicit in every sense in creating this hateful us and them mentality, is no surprise. We here in the west are generally ignorant of the real power games at play too.

Musharef has been for a long time and will continue to be the puppet. He was ordered to carry out that assassination and he obliged. The Northern border with Afghanistan will continue to provide safe haven for the true allies of the US propaganda machine. What the death of Bhutto represents is the death of hope for a real end to the whole supply chain feeding this bogus war.

She was killed because she represented hope.
She was killed because she was a woman.
She was killed because she didn't cover her face in public.
She was killed because she was a woman educated at American Universities.
She was killed because she stood up in her SUV at the wrong moment.
She was killed because she was her father's daughter.
She was killed because she was nobody's puppet and was feared by the powerful because of that.
She was killed because the last word that she spoke was, "Allah".

Indeed Flow, and as we see now Musharef has become paranoid about the marksmen being too clearly placed by the military and is now trying to deny she was shot!! Despite those that were with her being soaked in her blood from the bullet that went straight through her neck.

President Bush's first reaction too, almost indistinguishable from the 9/11 one. A rehearsed blaming of "terrorists", with no evidence to support it, when it was undeniably a political assassination.

Benazir was the rarest of political leaders, like Ghandi, who was willing to lay her life on the line for truth, justice and moderation. Pakistan, and the world is a poorer place in her absence.

I was deeply saddened by her death, once again so called Muslims murdering other Muslims (of course more than one person died).

She was a political leader and therefore played political games, just like every other politician in the world (including Muslim political gameplayers). Was she a saint? No I do not think so but she was strong, courageous and was a voice in a dark place.

I am also saddened that some people feel the need to talk about puppets at a time when Muslims have again been killed by Muslims. I would be interested to know who here had been following her policies prior to the first assassination attempt? I certainly didn't and anyone else that did not closely follow Pakistani politics is simply repeating the knee jerk reaction of whichever groups press they read.

Also to discuss puppets after the government released a taped telephone conversation of the terrorists congratulating themselves - yet didn't have any intelligence on the attack about to happen - seems absurd and very one sided. No-one had more to gain by this deed than Musharraff himself.

Now look what has happened, the luntic Omar Bakri Muhammad (an Al Qaeda spokesman) is now quoted all over the web as 'THE Muslim reaction' while he celebrates this assassination. Also, “We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat the mujahadeen,” Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location.

These people are sick cowards. They sneak around murdering people, while hiding away stating they are in a Holy war. If it is a Holy war and Allah is on their side why are they hiding? Who can defeat Allah?

She vowed to fight the terrorists - those people that murder and bring our faith into such ill repute and they abuse the name of Allah. She had the courage to declare war on terrorists and it is high time all Muslims did the same. Al Qaeda must be stopped and stopped for good, if Muslims will not do it then I would support an International (not US & UK) effort to do so.

I pray Allah will severely punish the people that were involved in this and reward the innocent that died.


To answer your question, yes Muslims also bury their dead as soon as possible after death, preferably the same day if before sundown. If after sundown then the following day. We are buried facing Mecca, after the body has been fully washed (by women if the deceased is a woman and men if a man).
The pictures and film now available show that this was a well planned and executed assassination. At least 20 people were complicit in the act, getting so many people so close would simply not be possible without collusion of Pakistan's State security system. It is standard practice for the security forces to clear the road so that the vehicle is never stationary. A group of about 15 were let through by the police to block the path of the car. Then a marksman shot Benazir when the car was stationary. Then the suicide bomber detonated the device to provide just about the worst executed cover up in history. Only one man is capable of mounting such a desperate and incompetent atrocity in that country. Musharif.
At my count we are now on our fifth story of how it happened. It appears they've now accepted the assistance of Scotland Yard in a non-biased investigation.
I haven't seen anything yet which convinces me that the Pakistani government had a hand in Bhutto's assassination. I don't doubt that the Musharef government intended to rig the upcoming elections, but I don't see how it benefits the ruling party to take the risk of turning Bhutto into a martyr. Regardless the clumsy damage control, I just don't see it.

I have read reports that a 15 year old boy, with a nail bomb strapped to him, was arrested the day before the assassination. Surely if it was the governments doing they would not have arrested him?

I think it has played well into Musharefs hands but I have no doubt it was radical Islamists that planned and executed it. I certainly think the government are guilty of turning a blind eye though.

I have read so many reports that these radicals are somewhat stupid and not capable of planning such an assassination by themselves - how quickly 9/11 is forgotten!
9/11 oh yeh, forgot that. The brother and sister in law of Osama enjoying the hospitality of Bush at his ranch in Texas as the planes smacked into the towers complex, (A friend of Bush had recently bought the whole complex for $15m, made 4.5 billion on a specifically tailored insurance plan negotiated only 2 weeks before 9/11, and who had Bush's brother in charge of security there, and Dulles Airport where the flights departed.) You are right, Bhutto's assassination was well executed. Radical Muslims exist yes, but they are duped into being so by a much more professional international alliance of greed. Those in power know God does not exist.

is my understanding that the moderate/liberal Islam of which you speak was created by the west was the Islam that survived for the past five hundred years. Seems to me it was the west that created the radical Islam

The Islam that you are talking about was "traditional Islam", it had nothing to do with cold war era hybrids. To counter the Soviets, west created whats now termad as "Radical Islam". They also created "Radical Hinduism" that burns a few hundred muslims in India every year, that doesnot make news.

And then after communism was gone, they are now trying to create a bunch of westernised zombies, whom they call "moderates". Their main aim now is to turn the Islamic world into a big casino, where everything sells...... & the consumerist paganism rules. Moderate Islam is going to ba a "Friday religion" kind of thing in this scenerio.

Traditional Islam has got noting to do with either of these genitically modified patented brands.


Living in Pakistan all my life, I know a lt aout the politics here. Benazir's father wasa great genius. He was the mastermind behind Nuclear technology & OIC. Americans didnt like him obviously. Henry Kissinger told him,"we can destabilise your government and make a horrible example out of you". Kind of....one of a few gazallion reasons to hate America & Zionist lobby.

His so called murderer, Ziaul Haq was killed in mid air after he ran out of use.

Benazir, was elected twice, & both times her govt was dismissed on corruption charges. She & her husband Zardari made mansions in London. Zardari is still famous/notorius by the name Mr.10 percent in Pakistan. She is also responsible for the killing of a few thousand people in Karachi between 92-94.

Now she was back, with American media for her support. Her statments like we wil allow IAEA into Pak-nuclear facilities, we will hand over AQ Khan to US, we will close down madrasas etc were more to please Americans that Pakistanis.

Courgeous....better word is obsessive-compulsive. She would do anything to become PM of Pakistan.

Scotland yard is another twist in the story. They wont do anything significant. These games are much higher than their reach.
Radical Muslims exist yes, but they are duped into being so by a much more professional international alliance of greed.

I agree with you, they are driven by greed and lust for power but they also have their own agenda, one that is not thrust upon them by the west.

Those in power know God does not exist.

Nah, they just wouldn't dare admit His existence to themselves or they would have to accept their accountability. :p


Her statments like we wil allow IAEA into Pak-nuclear facilities,

Why shouldn't the nuclear weapons in Pakistan be monitored?

we will hand over AQ Khan to US,

Didn't he admit to having worked to give nuclear weapons to countries such as Libya, Iran and N Korea? Not that I think he should be handed over to the Us as I don't think the US are the worlds police but he should surely be brought to account for what he did?

we will close down madrasas

Given that many of the Al Quaeda training camps are in Pakistan and have links to some of the madrasas, wouldn't you like to see radical Islam stopped before it does any more damage to Islam and the world in general?

Courgeous....better word is obsessive-compulsive. She would do anything to become PM of Pakistan.

Are you suggesting that Musharaf or indeed any political figure wouldn't do anything to gain or stay in power?

I call her courageous because she was prepared to speak out against terrorists, in an atmosphere which does not lend itself to such public attitudes. Yes she was probably corrupt but I have yet to see any political leader or candidate that isn't - it seems to come with the job.
From an editorial by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! ostensibly about Pakistan, but also about some of the tangles of globalization, terrorism, and U.S. foreign policy:

Amy Goodman said:
While President Bush imposed “regime change” on Iraq, based on fictitious weapons of mass destruction, “regime preservation” is the U.S. policy for Pakistan, despite its role in global nuclear proliferation, the sale of true WMDs.


The New York Times revealed last week that at least $5 billion in U.S. aid delivered to Pakistan since 9/11 to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban actually went into weapons systems against another U.S. ally, India.

The more nuclear weapons Pakistan has, the more the U.S. has a vested interest in protecting them. As The Washington Post reported last week, even before the Bhutto assassination U.S. Special Forces were planning a vastly increased presence in Pakistan in 2008, “to train and support indigenous counterinsurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units.” The Glasgow Herald now reports that U.S. Special Forces “snatch squads” are in Pakistan, prepared to secure the nuclear warheads in the event of the government’s collapse. What Pakistani author Tariq Ali told me recently about Afghanistan equally applies to Pakistan: “The people of Afghanistan … do not like being occupied by foreign powers. They didn’t like being occupied by the Russians, and they don’t like being occupied by the United States and the NATO armies in their country. And as long as this foreign occupation lasts, there will be forms of resistance against it.”

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