Remembering InLove

That's lovely, MW. Made me tear up. I miss Deb. Somehow it is comforting to think that perhaps she gets to meet my family and pets where ever we go before me... I think she and my grandfathers would get along great.
I most certainly do Tracy, you are very dear to my heart.

I have been astounded at how many real friends I have made on this forum, the amount of love, support and respect here is mind blowing.

The image I always have of Deb whenever I think of her is of her dancing with her Mum. I don't know why.
Salaam MW...Wonderful tribute MW. Liked your blog site. It is certain that this wonderful person whose love touched us all through the "screen" has changed us all.

Path... funny you should mention afterlife reunions. I've pictured Deb, her Mom, and my Dad sitting around a washed wooden table on a cloud eating variations of pasta and Tex-Mex special recipies, while discussing music and poetry as they do so. Lots of great treats for the pets also.

Hi Randy...keep hangin'. We're all with you here.

*a fuzzy paw grabs the mouse, performs a few delicate moves/clicks, then a self-satisfied meow reverberates from the British Shorthair-Egyptian Mau (one which translates to "Bookmarked") before rewarding MW with a "freshly-killed" catnip mouse*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
This is my most visited thread since MW opened it. Call me Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, for that is who I am. But never believe for a moment that i stand untouched by sincerity. I miss you that has passed with deep resonance. Touching us with the simplicity of purest love. Debs you are that butterfly in chaos. That ripple that leads to the irrepressible swell. You showed me the meanness of my best intent, without making me feel guilty. You showed me I am a small thinker without ever making me feel small. You gave my small ideas courage to become beliefs, my beliefs to become strengths. Not because thats what you intended, or believed, but because you supported with love regardless. Without this new medium I would never have shared a word with you. But strangely time is always perfect. I do not think you gone, well you do not feel gone, and in this timeless medium you most surely are not gone. Someone looking over your shoulder is annoying at best, creepy if they are meant to be dead. But you are far more in your influence on me than any COC. You remind me to never forget my humanity in my atheistic drive for rational. One in a million debs. debs was one in a million.

I just knew you guys would 'get it'. Who here hasn't been changed and deeply touched by our dear friend Deb? I am always reminded of the name of an old tv programme when I think of Deb - 'touched by an angel'.

I am so looking forward to giving her a real live hug when we meet.

Randy, I hope you and the girls are coping alright, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and remember she is waiting for you. :)