What is your age?

I think it's best to assume kids will read what we write, and by kids I mean teenagers. Also, people from many, many different backgrounds are in this forum, many countries and religions :)
You may just be one of the youngest contributors. We've had younger come in and inquire working on some school project. But we have many decades older than yourself from all walks of life and all religions, gather and garner as much as you can!
I'm a paid up member of old farts anonymous. I just reached 6 on the 12 point plan and bought myself a skateboard!!

cant remember but young at heart :) not really,

i hope i am a young child then i can be willing to be taught by Jehovah and his son Jesus christ.
Jesus said .
Unless you change and become like young children, you will never get into God’s kingdom.

When i reach a hundred and forty...

Well i noticed most here have avoided the question... I'm nearly three score and ten... or so my son tells me. Had my kids later in life so their almost young enough to be my grandchildren...

When i go to fast food restaurants they give me a senior discount of about ten percent.. now i figure if i reach a hundred and forty years old they'll give me the food for free and i'll somehow manage to suck it up in a straw because by then my dentist will have passed on and my teeth will have fallen out.

But at this rate the cops are looking younger and younger will soon be wearing diapers and the president will be sucking lolly pops and muttering sweet nothings at her state of the union address..

in any event being alive is a marvelous adventure...kind of like being blasted to a galaxy far away and seeing yourself in a singularity..like the old barbershop my mom used to take me to where each wall had a large floor to ceiling mirror and there were a thousand reflections of everything. We're all space cadets..

- Art
I'm 24. My birthday was on the 16th of January.
Art...It is so refreshing to find someone here a smidgen more mature than I am. You have such a young voice in your posts that it all gives me hope for the future.

I still have trouble with senior discounts. I never ask for them, buy I take them when they're offered. But I also try to keep young attitudes about the world and what's in it. That's why I really enjoy CR and the obvious benefits it provides those of us with a somewhat broader prespective.

Keep on my brother !

who remembers lucky bags, now i am giving my age away .

or even bluebird toffees in the gold wrappings ,with a little bluebird on it.:)

and those big orange jubblies , and crisps in wax paper bags with the salt in a bit of blue paper .
Re: When i reach a hundred and forty...

Well i noticed most here have avoided the question... I'm nearly three score and ten...
Well, I notice I did avoid...unintentional it was. But if one clicks on members tis a matter of public record as it were...three score minus ten for me, so that makes me a score short of ya and well over a score and a half past our young poster...