So...What did ya do over the weekend?


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They don't have pictures up yet of this years races, but you can get an idea of my weekend from last years pictures.

I wasn't a participant, just a member of the crowd, but seriously thinking that I should either get the scout troop, my church, the holistic community to put up an entry or me and the kids...

Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race: 2007 Race Report with photos and videos
Fun! Looks like a ball!

I went antiquing and picked up some craft supplies. I'm creating a bunch of miniature displays (1:3 and 1:6 scale) of antique furniture and accessories for a doll show coming up in June. It was a nice weekend. I haven't been to antique stores in ages. Always fun what you find, and you get to re-use everything that was used 100 years ago. :D
A couple of friends from work took me to see "Rain: The Beatles Experience."
It was fantastic.
nice stuff gang...

I took my daughter to a soccer game. They were outplayed, and outshot, unfortunately her team only held the lead for a minute and a half. Fortunately it was the last minute and a half.
I spent a quiet shabbos with my girlfriend and then on Sunday rented Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
Drove a long way with my little sister to see my other little sister graduate with her bachelor's and helped her move her stuff. Imagine a can of compressed biscuit dough on wheels, and you've got an idea of what my car was like. Open the can and...FOOOP! -- out comes the dough.
Pretty much what I do every weekend, (try to take over the world!!!) Saturday spent alone as usual, played some GTA IV, had some burgers for lunch, then spent time playing/wrestling with the dogs and then alot of time finding myself in deep thought, then cooked diner for my beLoved.

Sunday dogs had a long walk on the moorlands, then rest of the day enjoying each others company finished with an early diner over my mothers then came home... Ask me what I am going to do this weekend? The very same thing most likley.
*thinks of the big lebowski and chuckles*

I dug and couldn't find either the "I don't roll on shabbos" or "shomer shabbos" sounds online. :(

What do you like about that film?


It had Bill Murray in it, was off-beat, focused on midlife crisis and father-son relationships. There was something very triumphant about the way Bill wrestled with his shadow and eventually learned to embrace it as a part of himself, coming through the other end a changed man. He was an antihero, acknowledged as one by both himself and the people around him, and in some way it is the acknowledgement of his failings that seems to be most transformative for him. By owning his negative traits, his negative traits cease to own him. There was something beautiful about the man who was not his son dying and about the confession from Hans, and in the closing scene he is there with his friend's child who earlier in the film he had neglected but now he is able to connect with. It is very strange what he says about not wanting to be a father, the way he puts it, that he hates fathers. The film doesn't explore his relationship with his own father and that may be for the best because it leaves the focus on him as an individual and the transformative events following the loss of his close friend. One thing I noted that I thought was very beautiful is the way he transformed an enemy into a friend. Earlier he stole from him. Later his nemesis demanded money in return for fuel to replace what the pirates had stolen. Shortly before the rescue there is a sort of triumphant video clip of his enemy's sunken ship. But in the end he is able to rescue his friend without seeking reward. It has an almost humanizing effect both on him and Goldblum's character. They're able to connect face-to-face and relate to one another.

There were a lot of things I liked about the film.

I had high hopes cause it had Bill Murray in it, but not my kind of film. Then again you enjoyed the darjeeling right?

Yes I did.

Tried to find his rant on shabbos in wav format couldn't find any, when I get the time, I'll make his rant into an mp3 for you.

Thanks. I saw that shirt too. There used to be a similar shirt put out by a popular blog but then the company that owns the rights to the film pressured them and made them take it down.
this weekend, I have an audition... I'm auditioning for the part of Fairy Queen, in my local Am-Dram production of Iolanthe... yah know, gilbert and sullivan...

very British...

I'll put it on YouTube and give u the link, Tao- then u can have a really good laugh, instead of the mild chuckle which emanated from ur previous post.. lol.. (wish I knew how to use the emoticons...somethings just never sink in, no matter how hard I try...) "smileyface"...
I just have to tell you guys the fantastic thing we did this weekend............We went sailing........
I have never been before, sure Ive been in powerboats and the like but not actual sailing..........I was conned into going to start with..... you know........."oh come on mum, its a historical tall ship, part of history......." when in actual fact it was a 100ft sailing vessell. (the south passage). It was basically a school excursion and we went out into Hervey Bay for about 6 hours..I thought I would be ill or go into "panic" mode. But, I didnt.... It was beautiful. Now, all you people who have sailed before know what I am talking about and probably think i am mad,,,,,,,,,,, picture this, we are on the calm(thankfully) bay, with about 35 people, working this vessel, over half of them are children (under 12) and it was a totally STRESS FREE day, it was peaceful, you can actually hear the water when you are sailing. Its hard to describe, but when you are in a motor powered boat, you hear the roar of the engine, but this was ......... gorgeous. I know, I am raving a bit, but I want to do it again and again........ Did I mention that when we achored off a small sandbar (pelican bank) most of the kids went overboard (with the skippers permission) (and some of the adults).
well, I just had to tell you all. I will try to load some photos for you.....
Sailboating is an awesome experience. A buddy of mine lived for some years aboard a 32 footer, used to take it out every so often. Nothing more relaxing, in my experience.

Until you get a good chop in the water. Then it can be quite exhilerating (sp?). Unlike a rollercoaster that stops after a few minutes, the rocking and rolling keeps on for hours. "Sealegs" takes on new meaning, when you learn to walk on the sides of walls because the boat lists with the roll of the waves.

Ah, I miss those times...