February 18, 2021

Request to Distribute Religious Scientific Books to Enhance Faith in God, World Peace and Interfaith Dialogue and Reconciliation

by Interfaith

Copy of email from

Hodieb Khalifa


Dear Sirs,

Cairo, Egypt: 21.1.2021

I’m a Muslim Scientist, Writer, and International Justice Seeker of Egyptian nationality. I’m the author of three important unique books I wish to distribute through you worldwide since distribution through AMAZON proved to be disappointing and needs dozens of years to accomplish my objectives.

They are religious books with scientific flavor aimed at deepening the belief in God; improving the relations among the adherents of the three Abrahamic religions; end terrorism; secure peace in the Middle East and elsewhere; and above all to attain our Lord God Blessings.

All my life, work and books are devoted to God the Lord of the Worlds. As for myself, I don’t want any material gains in this Worldly Life and these works are entirely dedicated to God from Whom I expect my rewards in the Hereafter.

Accordingly, I intend to distribute these books and my other future works through hundreds of Interfaith Organizations and book distributers worldwide according to the following scheme:

  • The distribution of my books through you will be on non-exclusive basis. There will be hundreds of other distributers worldwide.
  • All proceeds from these books will accrue to you 100%.
  • These books are in English language but you can translate them into other languages. I can help you in that since I fluently speak 7 languages.
  • You can distribute these books in whatever electronic or paper formats you wish anywhere worldwide without restrictions on regions or territories.
  • You can support the distribution of my books by whatever marketing means you like: on your website; through social media; newspapers ads, etc.; however at your own expense.

Brief Description of the Books

1) The Correspondence between the Quran & the Bible (318 Pages- Word & PDF Format – in English – 4 Megabyte):

  • There is much agreement between the Quran and the Bible. Such similarities in events and even in words do not mean that the Quran was translated from the Bible; but rather proves that it was our LORD GOD who revealed both. Accordingly, the Muslims, Christians and Jews have much in common; a fact that must lead to improving their relations with each other and to live in peace and harmony together, and accordingly terror must end.
  • During collection and translation of the Bible in English in 1611, a mistake was made. The translators mentioned that Universe Creation occurred 6000 years ago; instead of writing GOD created the Universe in 6000 years (6 days by GOD’s reckoning). After having discovered that the Universe is billions of years old, this mistake turned billions into atheists. I corrected this mistake in my book, hoping to convert those atheists back into Believers.
  • The history of the Trinity concept was discussed in detail and challenged objectively and reasonably.
  • The truth about the Promised Land of Israelis confirmed by quotations from the Quran and the Bible and by historical facts to prove without doubt that the Holy Land belongs to Israel. Accordingly, the enmity between the Palestinians (the descendants of Esau) and the Israelis (the descendants of Jacob) which started between the two brothers Esau & Jacob, sons of Isaac, in the womb of their mother Rebecca and continued in their lifetimes and between their sons and grandsons and their descendants for 4000 years must end now on the basis of two-states solution with the Palestinian state established on the Western Bank; and with both capitals of the two states situated in Jerusalem; and with both sides, together with all the Arab countries devoting their efforts for Construction; not Destruction; and with the Jews allowed to pray to GOD on Mount Temple. This status must then continue in existence without any disturbance until the Messiah Jesus Christ Second Coming.

2) The Divine Harmony (392 Pages – Word & PDF Format- in English – 17 Megabyte):

This book addresses GOD’s Universe with words and pictures to help people know GOD better and to increase their Faith in HIM by fusing Religion and science and by connecting the Divine Harmony manifest in GOD’s Universe with Divine Harmony manifest in GOD’s Revelations in the Quran & Bible.

3) GOD’s GLORY (about 1850 slides -Power Point Format – in English – 23 Megabyte):

This Book shows some of GOD’s Glory and Greatness evident in ourselves and in all His Creatures from the Atom, which we will never be able to decode its secrets, to the Galaxies racing with almost light speeds towards the First Heaven and to their Creator (Hubble Law interpretation).

This book encompasses the first two books and blend God’s Written Books & God’s Visible Book and aims at deepening and reinforcing people’s belief in God and His Greatness and Divine Aspects to help them lead a better life Herein and to abide in the Paradise in the Hereafter; away from Hell. God benefits nothing from the belief of the Believers and isn’t hurt by the ingrate of the disbelievers. It is we that benefit.

The scientific discoveries of the last two centuries diverted many people away from the Path of God; whereas the contrary should have been the case. Specifically, the discovery of the Biological Evolution and the Stellar Evolution made many people negate Creation and God. No one had succeeded in conciliating Creation and Evolution or Religion and science. This book attempts to do so by affirming that there was first Creation followed by Evolution which is still in action and will remain till the Day of Judgment. The rationale was based on astrophysics and DNA.


This poster shows God’s Greatness in a glance. It is also to be distributed with the above three books.


The Correspondence between the Quran & the Bible


To be sent upon your request:

The Divine Harmony & GOD’s GLORY



Hodieb Khalifa




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