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  • hello, juantoo3

    I would like to thank you for congratulating me for my birthday. Thanks a lot.

    We were born in the same month, Juantoo. We are of the same horoscope. Do we share some characteristics?? If you do share some of my characterisics, then you are a wonderful person (haha....joking)...

    With my best wishes
    Hello Juantoo,

    I am being afflicted with the same issue again. It wont let me post any replies without moderator approval. Also, I did not figure this out until I already posted 3 times. Could you approve the last post only, as it has some modifications? Also, I am not using any links or anything, could there be a problem with my account that needs solving?
    Hello Juantoo3,
    It is going well - a lot of work. I am also taking a reading class in Sociological Theory so that I can apply soc theory and methods to my thesis. Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I put the forum on the back burner and I think it fell off the stove. I hope that all is going well with you. Do you have a background in religious studies? Or just very interested?
    Hmmm, dreamtime land? Seems I have heard of that before but never looked into it...maybe I should. Thanks.
    Have you seen the paintings from the dreamtime land? I havent seen them first hand, but some of them look like spacemen to me. complete with helmuts andoxygen tubes. LOL. maybe its my imagination? Id be interested to know your opinion, love Tracy
    Sorry doesn't count. The escher drawings are um disqualified. They're not fractals. They only look like they're fractals. In other words they look like-they look like they're fractals.
    Thanks Dream! I hadn't thought of Max Escher's "Angels and Bats" in quite the same context as mandlebrot sets, but I suppose there is a similarity...good catch!
    Nice new fractal Juantoo3. Is it a naturally round fractal or is it teased into that chape?
    Hi Juan, my moth mask used to be orange but our own very talented seattlegal played with it for me and made it green! Cool, huh? ;-)
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