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  • Thank you for your welcome notice; it truly is an honor to be received in the most pleasant Interfaith forum. Best unto you, dear juantoo3.
    Thanks Juantoo3! Yeah, they are quite strict, lol but I've made some really GREAT friends there of various faiths. I've learned a great deal from them as well. Service, humility, temperance, etc. The forum mods are very strict evangelicals, so if your not in agreement with them you are the enemy so to speak.

    Hey, thanks for your reply in the (Losing my religion thread.) You have a way of comforting with your words, bro. It is appreciated, and valued. Thanks for the welcome back to. I'll try to stick around this time ....

    In the middle of a ban? Hmmm.

    Not that it can't happen here, but you gotta really try pretty hard.

    I'm guessing this other site (don't know who, not really interested) has some pretty strict guidelines...which translates as not being allowed to think for yourself, imo.

    Anyway, it's great to see you back around!
    Hello, juantoo3!! Nice to see you again. I've been fairly busy the last few months, and have been posting on another forum. I've been banned from that forum twice already, lol. They are quite strict in what they allow you to post, whether what you post conveys truth, or not. Btw, I'm in the middle of a ban as we speak, lol.

    Anyway, great to be back if only for a short while ...


    Really good to hear from you, Leo! And yes, beluved Luna, I *too* am an ox. Depending who you ask, in more ways than one!

    At least I'm not a yak. :p
    Hello Mr. J23! Hope you had a happy Chinese New Year! You are also an ox, aren't you? Moo!
    truly amazing. wow. thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, juan. i've been ok. been backsliding a whole bunch, but i'll live. was gone for a bit because they blocked the sight at my work. then i got internet at home and so here i am. anyhow, how have things been on your end? well, i hope. well, until next time, bro. see ya!
    thanks again Juan........ he is a beautiful baby.....pity i have to share him with his parents. lol
    I just realized I passed my 5 year anniversary here...OMG! Has it really been that long? Time really does fly when you're having fun...
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