Poetry Competition

Well, perhaps I'm projecting some guilt about something else: To be honest, in antipation of winning this competition I'm feeling guilty about crushing the competition. This may sound arrogant, but its actually very humble. Just let me explain?

If you and I were to play Monopoly, you'd learn that I hate winning almost as much as losing; so I work to make the game go faster. Instead of getting a monopoly, I work hard to get one of each color! Then I make sure every player has a monopoly, which speeds up the game, shortening all of the cruelty. (Nobody offers anymore to play Monopoly when I'm around, which is a plus.) So you see, I even hate winning at Monopoly; because it causes everyone else to suffer! Is this not humility at work?

Yes, I know what you mean; but how many people are actually trying to win? They're obviously all trying to lose. Take Vajradhara's entry for instance: He humbly jots something down about the fourth dimension and infinity! Come on! I've never heard of a Buddhist who didn't write about infinity or the fourth dimension! Can you guess what number (17) Alex's poem starts with? Greymore drops out to become judge, because she feels sorry for Tao (who just doesn't want to appear to be a Simon (which he already is (because he's always annoying the faithful (and also traveling the world(which they've never seen (mostly))))). My poem is elegant, contains stunning imagery and appeals to all the senses. Its not too sappy, not too abstract, neither too Yoda, nor very Picasso, and has no run-on sentences. It definitely flows and even has onomatapoeia.

In summary: I think that in order to save a lot of angst, we should move up the judgment date. I mean, why make everyone suffer more than is necessary?
So you have a problem with flow? Maybe you should get your prostrate checked, if you have to poeia, you should do that instead of writing lengthy posts. It isn't good to hold it.
Dream, dream, dream lmao wtf my brother? lulz, cruelty? Monopoly (or any game) Is a GAME lulz, the bit in between the start and end is the reason for playing.... It's fun.

....Oh, and for the record.... Acting like you are better than anyone else and going to win... IS arrogance, very ugly... Tempted to start writing a serious poem ;) Oh my darn competitive streak is awakening :S lulz.
It appears that Vaj did not write about the fourth dimension, after all. He wrote about anonymity. I got Vajradhara's poem mixed up with Francis Bacon's (not the historical Francis Bacon but our forum one).

Francis wrote about the fourth dimension. I like his poem, because of the mastering phenomenon he puts in there. The forum really is a separate world, belonging to the individual. It can be a 'Fourth dimension' for someone who cannot get a regular schedule or who is living with lots of other people. Living with relatives, for instance, can be difficult in that respect. That's my review on his bacon.

@ Wil, no necesito Poeia, bro. Sola mas Onomata. You say tomato, I say tomata! Onomata!

@ Alex, yeah? Well I feel a particularly crushing poem coming on. In fact, I'd say this competition is still a little to cruel for my taste. Better make it more obvious that I'm the humble winner.
This is Tao.

The competition is still open and has 9 days left to run.

Greymare has agree to post all entries into an open poll, (and you better put your own in there too Grey!!), and she will inform me of the winner on the 10th of March. I will then post the painting to the winner.

Best of luck!!


databases filled with crap
stinking servers to high heaven
wasted bits on silicon wafers
filling up high tech waste stations

Thank yew... thank yew.
I read this quote, and immediately thought of this thread:

"Art is what poetry can't describe; Poetry is what art can't picture."
Whisper, whisper,
A groove across my grave.
Voices echo of friends and foes,
Cheer and challege,
Joy and bewilderment.
Moving on, moving on.

Fingers trip, eyes graze,
It is the heart that reaches out
Across the cold, wide ditch
Risking and reaching,
Brutal or tender,
Then moving on.

Vastness, desolation,
Yet a green moment in the light.
Turning again to trust.
Fading and crumbling,
Creating and climbing,
Always moving on.
this is why I've won the picture
Flow becomes a blessed fixture
Wordsworth, Frost & Blake all bow down
Tao pays postage from London Town
I compared to my submission,

Greymare's was more poetic
Francis's was deeper
Seattle's was funnier
Vajradhara's took me to a place our neverending haiku does
Dream has better metaphors
Alex had a great parable
Citizenzens, was well more Citi than zen
Luna's was more moving

I really liked them all and really dislike having to choose, but I feel an obligation as folks were willing to choose me.
Today I received a large ominous package by post.

It came from Scotland...from our brother in exile Tao_Equiis.

The picture is so much more than the little icon can provide.

At the bottom is a sea...of sea of what I don't know although I am reminded of the name on the moon, Sea of Tranquility...(even thoug it is a waterscape not land)

Above it floating half in/half out is golden sunfish, painted with a metalic paint...glistening...around the sunfish are white roses, maybe carnations, I feel honoring our brother flow..

In the distance we see the earth...and galaxies and stars...

It is really quite moving...I don't deserve to hold it myself...

I absolutely honor the Tao that provided this, and gave it to me, and those that voted for my poem. But I truly know that this needs to be experienced, by those that have a connection...to flow

It deserves to be seen...to flow...I am reopening the competition.

So the new rules...continued on this thread...find a post, a quote from flowperson and provide a contemplation...my goal is this circle never ends...those that were touched by flow and tao virtually on this forum in the past will hae an opportunity to be touched litterally by absorbing the feeling put into this painting....

so...whose hands will it land in next? find a post, a quote from flowperson and provide a contemplation.
Oh, you don't get out of it that easy!
Oh yes I do..but now I have more contemplation...not just the new competition...but also..

I had the painting upside down..

Now the stars are on the bottom...it looks like the moon is beginning to transit the earth the flowers are floating, not falling, and the sunfish is being viewed from underwater and we are looking at the surface of the sea from underneath...

as above so below? great job Tao!

I'm going to keep turning it over...and stand on my head...wow...

ps...ain't nobody getting it right away. I'm going to enjoy this for a couple months while the competition ensues.
Come on now. Someone who knows Flow ought to display it. Since I do not know Flow, I'm not sure what his advice would be. Well, ok, I'd like to have the picture; but let me get some feedback first because this complicated problem is evading my perspective: I don't have anywhere to hang a picture, however I would get a large ego boost out of just owning this painting. Prestige. Then there is also the cash. About 20 years from now when this site and Tao are in the museums, I can probably get lots of cash-flow for it. On the other hand, I do not have the patience to wait twenty years. I desire the money now! The only plan I can come up with is to throw the painting (carefully and without damaging it) at the head of state of a foreign country while on live television. Flow will become more famous than ever, and I can auction the painting off!!! This will also make Tao famous (more famous than he is now if he is already famous). The downside is I might go to jail, so I think Tao should be the one to throw it at a head of state. Actually the most important thing is not to let Grey have it, because she would just waste the opportunity. Probably she'd just hang it up or something.