The Gideon's

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  • I have appreciated finding a bible in my hotel room

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  • I have felt my rights, beliefs infringed because there was a bible in my hotel room

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  • I have been upset when I didn't find a bible in my hotel room

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  • It matters not to me

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The Gideon's

I know personally I've been repulsed by the fact that the bible was in the drawer of my hotel room and enjoyed the fact that it was there and been upset when it wasn't.

Between my old understanding of Christianity and my new understanding of Christianity there was a time when I rejected the concepts...and felt a little violated that this thing always was in my hotel room wherever I stayed. But at the same time sort of intrigued and comforted that it was something I could expect wherever I went.

Now I have an appreciation of it being there, even if I don't open it.

For the first time, last weekend, I met some Gideon's. I met some members of the organization that give away bibles and put them in hotel rooms. I was sitting next to them in a booth and it was enjoyable listening to their stories and their dedication to their mission.

100% of ALL donations go toward buying bibles to give away. 100%, that is admirable. The members pay $40 a year to HQ as dues and that $40 covers all admin costs. The local chapters have no costs, no individual dues and donate their time, gas, milage etc. to deliver bibles to hotels.

The group I talked to had 45 members and 188 hotel and motels.

Quite the operation.
It matters not a jot. Though I am feeling uncharacteristically placid today. I reserve the right to rant at a future date :)
well, it saved me going out and buying a new testament, hur hur hur.

in anchorage, alaska, i got a "book of mormon" as well. now that was really something i wouldn't have spent my own money on.

hurrah for people with big budgets i say.


I put them in the trash :/ As I feel that is where it's best suited... And it pisses me off someone trying to palm their faith on me... Or the next person to use the hotel room heh...

Say someone started a hotel who was a satanist and left you a satanic bible on your pillow... You'd be like... "that's ****ed up" well yeah... it is.. And so is leaving a christian bible on a strangers pillow when you have no idea of who they are and what their faith is.

Go about your bs faiths and be merry... But don't pawn them off on to me.. I'll simply throw the book away to cost you lol... Cause I am a **** lol.
Available upon request... That is much better practice..
ah, but for folks that are laying in bed in their altogether contemplating some sort of personal issue which is often enhanced by distance from loved is handy.
At the beginning of the book the Gideons provide a sort of cheat sheet for travelers, listing problems–-trouble with your marriage, stress, depression–-and the appropriate passages to read.
And to me much like the coffee, the iron, the hair dryer, the shower cap, the shoe horn... items that are in the room that I don't need, I simply don't use.

Of course that is the me today, the me of yesterday may have thrown a bible or two in the garbage, I'm afraid I can't recall all that I've done in hotel rooms, even from the trial transcripts.
Ok so I enter a hotel get a room, I am alone... And instead of simply sleeping so time will become seemingly "less"... I stay awake instead.. Ok so now I am realising I am missing my loved one/family/dog/goldfish/whatnot.... My first step of logic? I am looking for something handy... To eliminate this problem... Do I pick up my cell phone? Where I can then talk for hours or text for hours? No.... I don't, Ok.. So Do I turn on my laptop and simply connect via MSN and video chat and talk with them? No... No I don't do that either... I pick up the Gideon.... Because... It's handy.... (chortles) and it's handy because It has a list of troubles and problems.... Most of which I do not have... Awesome.
It doesn't matter to me what is in the hotel dresser/nightstand drawer. I never open them. I do wish hotels would leave toothpaste in with the shower caps, lotion, and soap though. :)

What does bother me is all this unnecessary printing in the digital age. It bugs me about the JW tracts and such, too. Look- quit wasting the trees, ink, and energy. Everyone knows how to use Google in the Western world, and everyone has access to a computer at least from their public library. If they are interested, they'll look you up. Can we please get the religions into the digital age and get them on Facebook or MySpace so they can quit it with the wastefulness? I don't think God gives brownie points for unsustainable practices.
And the use of electricity.... An wifi brain frying rays and what not... That isn't as damaging to the planet?? We should just go back to Jesus days of just word of mouth!!! :D

Jesus fed them with loaves and fish.
Jesus had some fish and loafers....
Jesus fished while sat on a sofa....
Jesus wished he had a skoda...
Jesus's lisp makes him sound like yoda.
Jesus head shoulders knees and toes! KNEES AND TOES!

word of mouth damnit! much more fun.
When I was in boot camp, way back when, there was a group of Gideons handing out those little green New Testaments. I took one, mainly because they were free (I'm a sucker like that). But I did find it a source of comfort during the particularly tough times during basic training.

As far as Gideon bibles in hotel rooms, I really don't see any harm in it. Hey, if you don't want to read it, the don't. Treat it like the accompanying Yellow Pages and use it when you need it. I wouldn't even mind if there was a Qur'an, a Talmud, a Bhagavad-Gita, or Buddhist Sutras crammed in beside it. Marriott adds the Book of Mormon in their hotels, being owned by the LDS church. 'S all good.
I loved the idea, that whether i was in a hotel herein Oz or in the
Usa, i could rely on the Gideons bible to be there. Its was just a comfort thing. Although, I have never sort solace, whilst in the room and reached for the bible, . It was just cool to check in the bedside table, and yep, ther it is. LOL.
Namaker all,

i must be staying at hotels for the wrong reasons but i've never found myself with much occassion to open random drawers or, for that matter, read whilst i'm there.

it would be interesting to have some more relevant topical information available in every room, like Time or something like that but i still don't see myself having much time or reason to be reading in the hotel room.

on the off chance that i would be interested in reading... i bring my own books :)


Cant they use tissues like everybody else ? :rolleyes:
tisn't that why the pages are so thin?
Drat: Tao beat me to it.
seriously didn't mean to go here but for you nonreligious or antireligious types that is part of what religion is about to me...a realization that crying in your pretzels or drowning your sorrows in alcohol doesn't solve anything. Folks utilze the tennents and postulates of religion to move beyond...not all folks, but some folks.
for me, I like finding a bible in the hotel room... I even sometimes read it... you know, there u are in the hotel, and woo- there, hiding in the drawer, is God...

I would also like to see Buddhism do the same- leave a copy of an intro to buddhism text in the same drawer, maybe add a bhagavad gita and a copy of the Koran too... why not?