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Hi, All-

I just wanted to give a heads-up that I am stepping down from moderator-ship here. It's been a wonderful journey and I've learned a lot, but I have a lot on my plate and I don't expect that to ease up. At this point, I just can't spend as much time posting and reading as I have as a moderator, and I don't see myself getting back to this level anytime soon (if ever). In order to get my books and art done, I need to be more focused. And I also feel myself moving toward more in-person interfaith work- more of an organized thing.

At any rate, I will still be around and will keep in touch with all of you, but it's just time for me to hang up the mod-hat. ;)

LOL- thanks guys. It's a little of both. ;)

2-3 hours a day is about what I was averaging in reading and writing here, believe it or not, and that's a lot of time. Enough for me to write about 10 pages. So partly it is a practical thing- got to retire as mod in order to use my time to do something else.

It's also a spiritual thing. I had a fairly amazing weekend and realized I'm ready to step out in total faith as a writer and artist and to face my biggest fear- failure. I've written thousands of pages over the years and hundreds of poems. I have a very clear vision of what I want to create as a new art-form. But I've been at an impasse because of how many things I put into my life and, ultimately, the struggle in myself between my fear of failure and my deep desire to create as my avocation. So I kept filling in with very worthwhile work and play, such as I have done here, but in a way it was a means of procrastination. It was dabbling in the sort of ideas and interfaith work I want to do, but it wasn't actually doing it.

But what it did was strengthen me, test me, teach me. It prepared me to reach this point. And for that I am very grateful to Brian, to all those here and those who have passed on to the Everlasting- to those who encouraged, to those who debated, to those who frustrated me (especially those!). This site and work was a small part of a larger journey I have been on and this led to a truly phenomenal moment in time in which I came to a deep sense of self-realization. I understand my purpose now and I have a vision of how to try to accomplish it. I understand, or am beginning to really understand, the depth of who I am. And I understand that whether or not I succeed in the eyes of others, it is the trying that is the success. That is what God asks of me.

I'll be around... but just time to stop being a mod and put that time into being an artist. :)
go with love my sister....

come by occasionally and share your success...

and if you need a shoulder or a forum...we'll be here.
I will really miss you as a moderator here are great at it.

Your plans (vision!) sound very interesting and I think you will succeed, in your own eyes and in those who read and see your work. I also think it is very exciting that you plan to continue work in interfaith. I bet you find a way to fold your science in too. :)

I hope this does not mean you will leave us entirely.

Best wishes, and thank you for all you've done for this forum and as a great online friend.

2-3 hours a day is about what I was averaging in reading and writing here, believe it or not, and that's a lot of time.
That IS a lot of time. I start out responses to what other people are posting and before long I realize that it'll take another hour to do a proper job. I simply can't rationalize that much time even for interesting topics.

I'll be around... but just time to stop being a mod and put that time into being an artist. :)
Poo, in the relatively short time that I have been participating in this forum, your posts have been a gift to the readers. Thanks for your observations and teaching.

Good luck on your new directions !!
Thanks to you all- you make my heart warmed. :) I won't entirely leave y'all, so no worries, I just had to explain why no more modding and little posting.

I'm very excited about this new direction I'm headed- whee! :D
Best of luck with the new direction, PoO - hope it all works out for you, and you'll always have a home with friends here as and when you need it. :)
God bless P_O_O thanks for all the great posts and insight. All the best.