Grave Yard or Dumpster

Damn. Now he leaves. Just when he changes his avatar from that abomination to something decent!

For what it is worth, I saw him as neither troll, nor ass. More his own worst enemy. A tortured soul.

People don't know the hell I've been through after growing up as a damn poor black child in the shitty part of new orleans.....
I believe he needed more action, more attention, more folks responding to everything he had to say. He wanted conflict...funny I don't want conflict but seem to get involved in it.

I am a fucking cat ! I just wanted some goshdarn cat food then I'd of been on my merry bitchin Way !
radarmark said:
Dream, how did you met her (american bobtail and manx) large for a cat, heafty for a cat, but little if no fat.
I've been around a few cats, and I just thought this one seemed to have a broad neck.