Grave Yard or Dumpster

Dream, look up the body shape of American Bobtail. "No appearance of a neck", and "higher in back than front, so it appears walking downhill" are both norms.
I hope that someday there are some talking cats, so that I can finally win a conversation with one.
I'm done. I've hit a new stride in my life and I am moving on from this forum. One last tidbit everything I mentioned about myself is a lie, I am one of many sockpuppet accounts after all...
I'm staying on the forum, because there are a lot of threads where I would like to have the last word. Imagine how many long-standing arguments could be settled that way! I'd be a hero.
I am a sockpuppet, goodbye..... You all can catch me up on Citydata, I'll be the guy causing chaos in a few weeks.... Cheers Interfaith forum!

Go hug a man!

I'd rather hug a man than shake hands....

Hugging is great way to connect, as adults, to say I welcome you into my space.

Wanna learn to hug? Not the "A frame" which you insure you stay away from your genitalia getting anywhere close to the other being. Or the "soul shake let's keep our arms between us approach quickly with a heavy slap on the back, maximum three and back away uncomfortably shake". Nor the "sidesaddle" where you more look like you are getting ready for a picture hug.

Hug gay'll get over it.
I'll take it...but I believe I am more of a realist.

I had issues hugging guys...latent homophobic tendencies...

two things helped me get over it. One was the discovery that many gay guys were absolutely repulsed by the thought of sex with a woman, the act to them was disgusting...which was the same way I felt about homosexual sex. I then saw that as an incredibly normal reaction. Then as above having gay friends and learning to hug in a nonsexual way, but a heart to heart take a deep breath together connection of beings...made it all quite easier...