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A Trappist joke (told to me while at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey; Leicester; UK):

‘Like all Benedictines, we have a Rule of Silence. However, every Easter our Novice Master allows just one of his charges to say a few words on Abbey life. On this particular year it was Brother Matthew's turn:

‘I really love it here’, he said. ‘The companionship is wonderful, and the spirituality awesome. I’m truly sorry to say, however, that the food is terrible. It is easily the worst I have ever had to endure.’

'On the second year the turn fell to Brother Mark:

‘I agree wholeheartedly with Brother Matthew that the companionship here is wonderful, and the spirituality awesome. But I really do have to wonder if he’s right in the head when it comes to his attack on the quality of our food. I maintain – most strongly – that ours is truly wonderful. Easily the very best it has ever been my good fortune to enjoy’.

'On the third year, Brother Luke stepped forward:

‘I also love it here, Father’, he said. ‘But what really depresses me is this constant bickering over food!’

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
My wife was telling our daughter who was 6 years old at that time about Covid-19, and why there are lock-downs. After asking many questions the daughter said she had a better solution than lock-downs. We asked what solution she had. She said just bury the corpses in their families' gardens. Asked why, she said that if the family misses the dead person, they can just dig up the corpse again. :-D hahaha

I thought I should add some background information. Colorado was the first state in the USA to legalize marijuana, and candy edibles with high levels of thc.
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