When I think of God's love (and sacrifice) for me (FOR ME!) I get misty and I just can't help it.
Here's the double standard:

Terrence said:
Dude, I couldnt even read all of your stuff because you're lying. I never judged anyone, why are you lying? As a matter of fact, why are you judging me? I've come here and been stright forward with my blogs. I never forced anything on anyone, I just wrote.

Terrence doesn't judge.

Terrence said:
Oh, by the way, I KNOW. You will not bow to the Jesus of the Bible. And thats the problem dude. Dont you see that? You have a false Jesus, and idol of whom you made up in your mind because you are more comfortable with him than you are with the real God of the Bible. You need to repent. Dont be angry with my words, just think about them.

Nope, he simply condemns.

We've tried to make CR much more inclusive and hands-off. While I'm sure some people found the Terrence Ride fun, the bottom line is that if members feel they have to directly attack other people faith on a personal level, then there's no place for them here.