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The following as an audio by one of my favorite preachers (Paul Washer). If you listen to this, you will be accoutable for the truth that he is saying. It will be better for some of you not to listen to this at all. For you who are brave and want to have a deeper understand of your own sin and a deeper appriciating for God's grace, listen to this:

Re: Warning!!

Thread is opened. Please keep in mind that this is a discussion board, not a place to chastise Christians. If others wish to listen to your information on the link, I see no violation of the COC (but I had to check).


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Re: Warning!!

OK, I'm not here to argue or anything, but can someone summarize it or say what it is even about?
Re: Warning!!

Terrence said:
Everyone scared? Who's listening?
I listened to every word. And I listened again...What are you implying, I or we should be afraid of? What we already know? Who we already know we are?

Like Juanto said. God don't make no junk. We just junk things up.

The "speaker" doesn't catch my spirit, for many reasons.

Not something I'd let my children listen to either. Every Christian already knows that but for the grace of God we are damned. So why listen to it again and again?
Re: Warning!!

Q, u scare me homey. Are you sure you're saved? Anyone else listening?
Re: Warning!!

Terrence said:
Q, u scare me homey. Are you sure you're saved? Anyone else listening?
Obviously not your concern, but God's and mine...I should think.
Re: Warning!!

Make your calling and election sure bro. Many will call out to the Lord and He will tell them to depart from them cause he never knew them. I pray you are saved tho!
Re: Warning!!


I am trying very hard to be polite here. Please stop the preaching.

Re: Warning!!

join us or die.

the great motivation in christian life is "worrying about the day we are judged from heaven or hell"

"remembering how great it is that we dont have to go to hell if we beleive"

the only motivation from sinning is realizing that god gave us jesus to stop sinning

humans are radically depraved, this sets up a dichotomy making god un imaginably better than all of us. in his awesomeness he thinks we deserve to burn, but his infinite mercy through jesus gives us hope.

you can only love jesus if you realize that you as a human are unspeakable. terrible, loveless

there is nothing in us that god likes!

jesus helps us to be something other than part of a burning pile of gods glory in hell

humans have to get it right. if we hear the honest word of god, we are held accountable for not beleiving. divinely accountable.

all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god.

the only things humans ever do is isn. every hought evety word and movement is sin.
Re: Warning!!

our hearts are putrid in content.

if the contents of our heart were exposed, we would be ashamed. if a room of people saw the contents of our hearts and thoughts ,we would run from the room and never return

imagine how we would be crushed before the roesence of an holy god

we are evil.

we have to know what we are, what we are before christ leads us to follow him and realize the wonderfulness of his salvation.
Re: Warning!!

apart from jesus, we are blood, puss and rotten flesh before god

all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment, hopeless, helpless

god controls everything

even a good athiest is held back form commiting sin by the grace of the very god he does not beleive in
Re: Warning!!

by the works of the law

no flesh is justified in gods site

gd does not make one righteous. but by beleiving in him we are declared righteous
Re: Warning!!

50 years ago, the way chrisians dress now, would be called criminal and insane. (honestly this part of thesermon is strange, i dont think there is anytihng wrong with gods creation man and woman, but im an artist which is probably a form rife with sin)
imagine how much we have changed in our cultural views since the fall.

we are product of our culture

you and i were not created for our selves. we were created to appreciate and honor him, nonone has fully grapsed his glory and honored him as he ought to be honored, and that should break our hearts.

we have made a direct attack against god.
Re: Warning!!

shadowman said:
all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment, hopeless, helpless
that is incorrect. while we are spiritually dead and seperated from god until we are born again, a saved person is celebrated in heaven. we are lower than the angels, but we are worth saving because god loves us, and if we hold fast to his commandments of loving him and each other the rest fall into place and god will exhalt us to a high place. god loves his children.
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I suppose every preacher has their method of filling the offering basket. This isn't one that encourages me to support in any way shape or fashion.
Re: Warning!!

before comming to god through
christ, we hated god. we are not just sinners, we hate god.

preaching on the justness of god would split a church

god is as terrible as he is wonderful.

a god that i not mighty and terrible is not the god of the bible. if one says. no this is not my god, i love god, they are commiting idolatry by worshiping a god that doesnt exist.

god is not a tame lion

unrighteousness is not doing the will of god.

in order to be relevant one has to be totally different from most of the world. the world dos more harm than good. if you want to be relevant dont be politically correct , be biblically correct. ou might be burned at the stake but you will go out with the glory of god upon you

men hate god, before one is regenerated in their hearts, they hate god

the wrath of god is revealed through heaven against all ungodly and unrighteous men who supress the truth of god in unrighteousness

nonconformity to the will of god. most people are in the spirit of someone whowould go to hel when they died. most of us do not want to go to heaven. we dont worship him, seek him, study his ways, we really dont want to go to heaven.

god is a tyrant and despot, he as absolute sovereighnty over all, and humans have a big problem with that. they want to make a god that doesnt exist. athiests dont exist, they know god is real. they supress truth because they want to be teir own gods. we all wat to rule and make our own god, be our own god.

god is not a mystery. but we suppress the trut in our unrighteous suppressing of trut of the bible.

we are empty people.

jesus was never empty, he had fruit we could not eat.

we were created and saved for the glory of god, to give ourselves whole heartedly to god and to the service of others.

we were created for him. it is selfish becuase he is god.

the greatest gift god can give him is himself, and this is what he has done. he has taken center stage on this world and done everythng he does t show how spectacular he is. and we get to look at that.

being created in his glory is a wonderful thing

we have an infinite hole in our heart that can only be filled by a infinite being

i can tell how muc you have god, by how muc entertainment you need. because when you have god, you need no other things
Re: Warning!!

You know, God is a wonderful and brilliant designer. For instance, He designed man in such a way that:

1. Man hears in stereo but speaks in mono (in otherwords we should be doing more listening than talking).

2. Man's arms and legs are positioned in such a way that he can't pat himself too hard on the back, nor kick himself too hard in the ass.

There is something else that is paramount to good witnessing to men. That is the speaker must know whom to chastise and whom to uplift. The message of redemption afterall is not the same for every man.

For example, try telling a gang member or a battle weary solider, or a hardened cop, or a trauma medical type they are going to hell if they do not accept Christ, and they'll laugh at the irony...since they've already been there.

Or try telling a rich man or affluent, or politician that there are rewards waiting for them in heaven if they accept Christ, and they laugh at the irony...since they already have that.

Or try telling a man with nothing that he must sacrifice for Christ...and he'll laugh at the irony that he is already there.

But the most ingratiating thing a preacher can ever say, is that they know the nature of a man, and that he is doomed without Christ. That is like the pot calling the kettle, black. That is something the individual must decide on, not the preacher.

Hell fire and brimstone sermons are not the Good News. What they are is more bad news, to be ignored.

Indeed it seems to me that an invite from the preacher to come to know the wonder and Love of Christ, would be much more in order for most people today.

Honey works much better than vinegar, when trying to catch flies.
Re: Warning!!

i still think that if we were somehow a god hiher than god. (make it so holodeck)

and we came across yaweh, we would lock him up for driving the things he created insane.
Re: Warning!!

shadowman said:
i still think that if we were somehow a god hiher than god. (make it so holodeck)

and we came across yaweh, we would lock him up for driving the things he created insane.

Hot or Cold Shadowman. God can work with those that are hot or cold. He just hates luke warm (which you apparently are not). So I think you are gonna be just fine.