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Wouldn't this get them in mucho trouble? I mean, the votes are recorded for the record. I would think that if this were happening, we'd surely know about it--there would be a huge outcry and scandals and such.

Given what we know they're getting away with, I wouldn't put it past them. There was, for example, the clip of a guy turning to vote for someone else, and another guy takes his vote while his back is turned.

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ROFL!! That was perfect, dauer. I think if that vote got stolen, someone is in big trouble for:
I have seemed so anti-american lately....and I am!! But that dont mean I dont recognise that millions of Americans that think just like me exist and have to exist amidst. So... when you see me post you guys... know I am there with you in your struggle.

Now I know why you wanna hate me..
Now I know why you wanna hate me..
Now I know why you wanna hate me..
Cause hate is all the world has seen lately...

Now I know why you wanna hate me..
Hi All...InLove, you have my deepfelt sympathies (just excellent work Dauer) but the fact remains that Texas will be a "target" for quite some time because of the stigmas attached to a single family and their antics. Now, it is ironic that this family is really from Connecticut and only came to Texas to make lots of money because they could. But their progenitors were also devious and despicable in their own unique ways when they were U.S. Senators and founded Wall Street Investment Banking firms in order to more effectively manage Germany's big money in the 1930's. But I digress.

When I lived in Illinois and Chicago, we were often embarrased by a family which ran the political machinery there (but didn't create it) and whose founding father once said on network television in the summer of 1968, "The police aren't here to create disorder, they are here to preserve disorder." I remember Walter Cronkite looking at him with the strangest expression.

And as far as phantom voting goes, Chicago and Cook County have the dubious distinction of, over the years, enabling the voting of thousands of legally dead people. Much more bizarre stuff than what goes on in the Texas legislature, and I'm sure elsewhere as you pointed out.

So take heart my sweet. All things pass...with time.


YouTube - Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

My apologies for forgetting to answer your post yesterday. The only one I know is Joan Jet who rocked. These days I am listening more and more to contemporary Jazz for some reason. I find it relaxing I suppose:p My sons friends have put together a little rock band and they are young and a little naive but show a lot of promise. Here is a link to their site where you can hear their music. I think you have to join Bebo to listen tho.. if link does not work they can be found on Bebo as "the anyways".

The Anyways <The-Anyways>



Here's a link to a song performed by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne (with more links to Lita Ford recordings): YouTube - Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne - Close My Eyes Forever

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Salaam InLove

Awww bless, you know we love you and there are good people in Texas but you have to admit the American political system is rather comical. These people are meant to be leaders and the minute someone nips off for a game of golf they are voting for them (sorry I don't believe for a moment they are honest enough to vote against their own stance for someone else). And the fact that it is against the rules but not one person has been discilined is just beyond a joke.

I heard a great suggestion on a UK political programme yesterday, all voting slips should include a box to tick for 'none of the above' - wouldn't that be a brilliant vote of no confidence in our 'leaders'. :D
salaam, habibty (I just love that word!)

While I have issues regarding some aspects of our electoral process (which I won't go into here), and while I did get a good laugh out of the video, I still suspect that no one got away with stealing a vote there. I know I keep harping on this, but an elected official's voting record is very, very, very public, and it is perhaps the most important factor in his or her chances to get re-elected or to move on to higher positions. Moreoever, the issue that was being voted on in the video was a huge one here, and I don't believe that someone could steal that vote without it coming to the attention of supporters on either side. It might be embarrassing for a legislator to have to bring up the fact that their vote was stolen because they weren't there, but it would be detrimental to their career not to do so. It isn't that I think they are all so honest--I'm sure they would steal the votes if they could get away with it. But logically speaking, I don't think they can.

Oops--I'm sorry. I am not watching anything on youtube now or I would post it. :D

Need to correct myself. Would have done it sooner, but I am finding that even though clicking my mouse over and over at rapid speeds does occasionally help one open a site, it does not work when trying to log in. :D So, I had to sit out for at least fifteen minutes. Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of fairness, here are my self-corrections in bolded format:

I said: "It isn't that I think they are all so honest--I'm sure they would steal the votes if they could get away with it. But logically speaking, I don't think they can."

I should have said: "It isn't that I think they are all so honest--I suspect that some of them would steal the votes if they could get away with it. But logically speaking, I don't think they can."

And I would take this conversation to P&S, except I think it has probably already about finished its run here. However, I suppose I could be wrong in this regard. :)

(Still looking for a video to post, but as I mentioned above, I am having trouble reaching my site destinations this morning. Was looking for some more CCR...)

X-Men theme from the 90s series. I heart that series:

YouTube - X-Men - 90's Cartoon - Intro

That show had everything. I'm rewatching the first episode. Going to look for a boxed set. It stinks seeing Morph again knowing he'll die soon only to be brought back later on really twisted by Mister Sinister. I liked Morph.

YouTube - X-Men Animated Series Ep 1 Night of the Sentinels, part 1
YouTube - X-Men Animated Series Ep 1 Night of the Sentinels 1, part 2

Edit: Okay, they killed him off in episode 2. Now I"m sad. :(
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