doesn't anyone believe in miracles?


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hi everyone,
i have questions, does anyone still believe in miracles? are they still happening today? has anyone experienced one first hand?
I believe in miracles. They happen all the time. I just don't believe they ever violate the laws of physics or that they're more than subjective. For me it's a matter of how things that happen around me and within me are perceived.

hi everyone,
i have questions, does anyone still believe in miracles? are they still happening today? has anyone experienced one first hand?

A miracle is merely an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature but is actually natural by the laws of spirit. The answer is...
from a human standpoint.... Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Love and Peace,
I have been researching different memory techniques and I came across this website...I just don't believe they ever violate the laws of physics...
I think the laws of physics change as miracles defy miracles utilize currently unknown laws of science...
hi everyone,
i have questions, does anyone still believe in miracles? are they still happening today? has anyone experienced one first hand?

"A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle. A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle." - God. ;)
i believe in miracles. i think awareness itself is a miracle of which we all have first hand experience.

but as for the 'physics defying' or whatever... i think being able to perceive miracles is just a matter of openness or receptivity to them. when there have been people gifted with the ability to work miracles i think their real gift is not only to believe in the event themselves but to inspire other people to believe as well.

for me, i know stuff has happened in my life that was to me miraculous. i guess there could be some other explanation. a hallucination, freak of chance, whatever. but when freak of chance happens many times in a day and in what seems like a deliberate pattern, i can't accept any such explanation. i won't go into details, i'll just say yes, i believe, yes i think they're still happening today, and yes i think i've experienced some.

i used to work at a hospital and saw a man die. the doctors wrote him off and gave up trying to resuscitate, and everybody was packing up and leaving. then the 'dead' man coughed and sat up. yeah i've seen it on tv, but it was really something to see it in person. that just does not happen all that often. i'm not a doctor but was a medical tech and a medic in the army and i've seen a lot of people die. this was the only one that happened like that. the weird thing was that after he died i was having an imaginary conversation with him. he was young and had a lot to live for still and i was imagining talking to his spirit and saying "do you really want to die now? there's a lot of people who will really miss you and you could still have so much life ahead of you..." again, not something i'd ever done before, but just this one time i was daydreaming a little and that was what i imagined. and then in my imagination i could see him listening, and he replied something i won't repeat, then he just coughed and started breathing again.

so that was a miracle i think. yeah i guess there's a real world explanation. the heart just started again by itself, the pacemaker of the heart kicked in, whatever. but to me it was a miracle.

there've been a few more, but most of the others were just me and nobody else there so maybe i was just hallucinating. i don't think so, but who knows? i do have a good imagination.

well i guess i'll tell one more. it could be synchronicity or whatever, but it just seemed too freakishly coincidental. i was having a talk with some friends at school about how i sort of believe reality is a dream that each of us creates. we are all real, and communicate, but each of us lives in a different world which we make up to explain the thoughts and ideas and communications we are having. so physics, real forms, etc are just incidental, and maybe in your world they aren't even real. i don't know.

we were talking about this for a while, then for some reason we got to talking about medical stuff. i was saying how i thought ostomies were just the most terrible thing. i made up a little poem which i'll skip it was kind of gross.

then i was walking home, going across a bridge which was on the route. there was a magazine lying right by the edge of the road. i picked it up to see what it was.

well, it was a copy of "Ostomy Journal", a medical journal devoted to the study of ostomies.

i got home and was telling my friends about this. i took it as evidence of my assertion that the world is just an ongoing dream made out of all the ideas going on and such. i got back "blah blah coincidence".

then later that evening i ran out of cigarettes. i said to myself "well if reality is just a dream i should be able to dream some into existence!" and i gave it a try. i've done a lot of meditation, various sorts, and did my best to blank my mind of perception of reality while at the same time introducing an idea of perception of a new reality, me with a cigarette. i'd completely lost touch with reality, that is perception of space and time was completely gone, and i was trying to insert perception of a new space and time with everything the same but me with some smokes.

then there was a loud "POP" and all the lights in the house went out. it was night and i couldn't see anything and still had no smokes. the house was all black and i decided to leave out and go back to school where at least there might be some power. when i got outside i discovered the entire neighborhood was blacked out completely for several blocks around as far as i could see. well still no problem, there were lights in the distance and school was some distance away.

so i walked back to school and went to a computer lab where i worked. it was closed but i had the key and let myself in and sat down to see what games there were to play on the computer. all i could find was something called "three in three" which was a puzzle game. each puzzle was harder than the one before and forced you to think in a different way. i was playing it for a while and the puzzles were getting really hard. i don't remember when in the game exactly, but these messages popped up, and they all related to learning the right way to do things. like if you tried to cheat the game, i think you got a message like "that's the easy way, but to solve this puzzle you have to follow the proper steps" and "to learn to do this puzzle you have to follow certain steps. it's not as easy as it looks. don't cheat!" etc. there were a bunch of messages about cheating and doing things the right way, etc. i got pissed off and eventually just turned the game off. i guess i'd really rather cheat.

well, maybe it all was coincidence, but i've had more than one day like that, where events and things just seemed to keep piling up that all related to what i was thinking. a friend not too long ago said she noticed this happening to me, and it freaked her out.

oh wait that introduces another specific story, which i think and thought was very interesting, but also freaked her out terribly. we were sleeping together a lot. not sex, but sleeping really ;) she falls asleep almost instantaneously all the time, and i have horrible insomnia, not every night but pretty frequently. anyway this leaves me lying there awake while she's sleeping a lot. now, i think to myself a lot while i'm unable to sleep, and she talks in her sleep, sounding just as if she's awake (but remembers none of it later). so i was thinking about something or other, a question, and all of a sudden out of her slumber she answers my question, perfectly sensibly and coherently. this happened many times. then other times we had the same dream.

ok, maybe it's not really a miracle, but nobody i know still has any good explanation for telepathy. but i can't deny it happened over and over again, and neither could she.

like i said she got freaked out by all of this and a little bit scared. for me it's just normal life i guess, but she said weird stuff just keeps happening around me.

well i think that's maybe just because i'm opened to the possibility of it happening.

which is sort of where i started off with my explanation above so maybe i'll just leave it there.
hm, i just posted a very long reply and it seems to have all been lost just after i posted it. don't know what happened but i'll just summarize:

yes yes and yes

maybe my post was too long and got rejected or something
hm, i just posted a very long reply and it seems to have all been lost just after i posted it. don't know what happened but i'll just summarize:

yes yes and yes

maybe my post was too long and got rejected or something

Don't feel alone. I've had that happen to me many times on long posts before I got the sense to copy my posts before submitting them.

Miracles aren't there to "prove" anything, but to illuminate truth. It was perturbing to Jesus that the crowd followed Him because of the miracle of the loaves and fish, rather than a desire to seek the things of God. When Jesus expounded on the "Bread of Life", spiritual bread rather than the physical meat, many turn away and followed Him no more. Miracles are good only when you seek the message behind the miracle.
There are no miracles, it is all a miracle.

To me life, love, it is all an incredible miracle.

However what we classify miracles, what we classify as simply extra ordinary. It is all natural, just that we don't all know how to utilize, don't all practice, don't all believe therefor it doesn't exist in our mind and so we don't use bilocation, telepathy, we could should.

That faith of a mustard seed works the other way around as well...doubt the size of a mustard seed will wipe out a ton of faith or belief...

That is what I mean by there are no miracles....
What do you consider to be a miracle? If it means 'miraclously' surviving a plane crash or something like that then it is no miracle. I do not believe God will allow certain people to live and others to die.
Miracles do still happen.

Here is a miracle from the time of Hazrat Ilyas [ra]; the founder of modern format tabligh [Islamic missionary work, by tablighi Jamaat]?; it occured only around a hundred years or so ago, in India...:

Hazrat Ilyas [ra] said to his group of missionaries, "Who is ready to die for Allah"?, a group of Muslims from amongst his missionaries stood up and said "we are ready".

Hazrat Ilyas [ra] replied: "well go to such and such sikh village, and there you will find a derelict, unused Mosque, go bring that Mosque back to life again by calling out the adhan [call of prayer] from that Mosque, and the sikhs of that village will be sure to gather and put you all to death.

So the Jamaat [group of missionaries] set out to that sikh village and upon reaching it, they went to that Mosque, and at the time of prayer, they called out the adhan; the sikhs gathered and surrounded the muslims and said to them: "how dare you lot come and give adhan in a mosque in our sikh village!, we shall put you all to death for this"!;

So the sikhs tied up the muslims and threw them all in a river; Allah kept the Muslims alive for ten days under the water and after ten days, the knots of the rope around their hands and feet got loose and the muslims swam to shore; they went to the mosque again and called out the adhan; the sikhs returned and some of them wanted to kill them, but other wise sikhs said to them, "hey wait a second, just think of how they could have survived under that water for ten days"!?, bringing their attention to the apperant miracle [divine intervention] that had taken place; after this, some of the sikhs converted to Islam and the others left the muslims alone.

SubHanAllah!, now if that is not a miracle, than what is?

Peace to all :)
Do you actually believe that story?

To be honest, I'm not sure about the authenticity of that report, but I thought the story will be interesting to mention anyway :)

I heard it from a member of the Tablighi jammat group, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is true, for things like that can indeed happen.

The word miracle comes from the latin 'miraculum' meaning 'something wonderful' and yes I think something wonderful happens every day. The sun rises, children are born, lovers kiss, old people laugh at the stupidity of youth, oh the list just goes on and on and on.
I think something wonderful happens every day. The sun rises, children are born, lovers kiss, old people laugh at the stupidity of youth, oh the list just goes on and on and on.

Existence is a miracle ! :)

... Neemai
Miracles ........Yes.......

As when an expression of divine truth reveals it's self to be blessed reality.

- c -