"Hi" On behalf of Pattimax

Am I the only one who pictured pattimax looking just about exactly like that?
I always saw her as having a bit of a glow to her. Aside from being a freaking Christian :p she seems like a good person.

I didn't picture her exactly like that, but it was . . . something like that. When I first saw it I thought, wow, yes indeed. That is what you would look like Pattimax!!!:) That is definitely you.

I mean . . . it felt like . . . deja vu!!!! It was like a confirmation. I was expecting her to look something like that. No surprise.
you and me patti, we should party. LOL. Being in our 40s should be the best decade we can have. I reckon. And dont worry about Q saying "oh dear", he is after all, older than us and always will be. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL