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*a few :kitty:s race in, pieces of paper in their mouths. They drop them at juantoo3's feet, the writing facing the man, then plop down for :kitty:naps*

Egypt unearths 3,400-year-old granite statues - Yahoo! News
World's oldest high-altitude settlements 'found in PNG' - Yahoo! News
Details of 18th-Century 'Ground Zero Ship' Revealed - Yahoo! News
Undocumented language found hidden in India - Yahoo! News

Sorry about the last one since it doesn't pertain to anything "physical", but something linguistic. :eek:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Yes, but I had to help clear the outside vents so there won't be any CO illnesses (we have an old boiler for a furnace) plus Tovarish slept with me. The weather Tuesday night/all of yesterday made me wish that I was just like a longhair :kitty:, at least until the weather turns warm.

After taking care of the vents, I returned to the "command center" and started reading more about the situation in Egypt (including the looting/selling of their antiquities.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
When I was in Jerusalem in 1976, the only "underground" section that was open was what was called "Solomon's Stables". There was a sign that it only cost $5 to go in, prompting my waggish friend Nick to ask, "Yes, but how much does it cost to get OUT?"
Thank you so much for that! I do hope you and the assorted kitties are well? The wife and I brought a couple of Lab pups into our home a month or so back, and they are definitely growing like proverbial weeds!