In Memorial: Deb and Randy


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Wild, Wild West
With deep sadness I share the news, passed along by their daughter Chrissy, that Randy (Jack Halyard) died on Labor Day after a struggle with cancer. He joins his beloved Deb (InLove).

I am thankful for their lives and the light they shared with us here in this corner of the internet, and also for the friendship Deb and I shared, however long-distance.


The music has not stopped; the dance goes on.
Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in the Peace,
An exceptional couple who will live long in the hearts of those that had even a glimpse of their strengths. My sincerest condolences to those they leave behind.

I find moisture in my eyes.

I find it absolutely amazing that I feel so connected to someone I never met. The discussions, passions, thought have been so incredible they've touched the very core of my life.

Thank you Brian for building this glorious playground for us to be us. And thank you all for taking part, all those here, and all those who have been.

Jack, Deb, Randy, Inlove, your words live on in our hearts forever. You are continuing to touch people you never met!
Never had the pleasure of commucating directly with Randy, but I still have PM's from Deb in my in-box that I cannot delete.:) earl
I am sad for our sakes and more so for their family and friends that spent more time with them. Loss is difficult.


I believe in reunion and I'm happy that Randy gets to be with Deb again. Blessings to them both, and may they now dance joyfully without pain.
First thought was denial..... I am truly sorry to hear that Randy has also passed on.... My thoughts to Chrissy.. And I hope if she ever needs someone to talk to that she will feel comfortable to come here to our forums as I am sure there are many, many people that will be willing to listen, and comfort you.... God bless Randy and Deb.

Those who live and believed in him shall never die....
*a lone :kitty: tunes up, then starts "singing" Amazing Grace with a little backup by the rest of the :kitty: chorus. After the last note fades into the distance, there are a few moments of silence, only eyes blinking, then the lone :kitty: "touches up" his immaculate coat and walks over to the "feeding station" for a bite to eat and some fresh water*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
My condolences to their friends and family. I didn’t know Randy was ill and it seems all the more shocking that he has passed on so soon after Deb.


They will both be missed. But I know they had a glorious reunion and are dancing together again. May we be greeting with such people when we arrive there.
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Namaste all,

all too soon we shall join Inlove and her Husband i implore you not to pass your days and nights in vain.

in my tradition when a sentient being ceases to arise in their physical form we recite several teachings for them. as they were not Buddhists it wouldn't be apropos for me to offer those teachings for them but there is a mantra, a Sutra that we recite for all beings irrespective of their religion when they cease to arise, it is the Prajna Paramita Sutra; the Heart Sutra:

Maha Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra

When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profound Prajna Paramita, he investigated and perceived the five Skandhas and saw that they were all non-existent, thus securing his deliverance from all suffering and difficulty.

"Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form. So too are feeling, cognition, mental function and consciousness in relation to emptiness.

Shariputra, all dharmas are empty of characteristics. They are not created, not annihilated, not impure, not pure, and they neither increase nor decrease. Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, feeling, cognition, mental function, or consciousness; no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind; no sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch, and ideas; no field of the eyes, up to and including no field of mind-consciousness, and no ignorance or ending of ignorance, up to and including no old age and death, or ending of old age and death. There are no Four Noble Truths, no wisdom and no gain.

Because nothing is gained, the Bodhisattva, through reliance on Prajna Paramita, has no hindrances in his heart. Because there is no hindrance, he is not afraid, is free from contrary and delusive ideas and attains the Final Nirvana.

All Buddhas of the past, present and future attain enlightenment through reliance on Prajna Paramita. Therefore, know that Prajna Paramita is a great spiritual mantra, a great bright mantra, a supreme mantra, an unequalled mantra. It can remove all suffering; it is genuine and not false. That is why the mantra of Prajna Paramita was spoken. Recite it like this:


I am always at a loss for eloquent words at times like this. I take solace in knowing Randy and Deb are reunited. My heart goes out to the family left behind.
I had no idea Randy was sick and yes so soon after Deb's passing it is a huge shock. A bit lost for words really ....... Farewell Randy and sleep peacefully.