Atheist board?

I see. In your eyes, we are redeemed in our intelligence if we are agnostic or uncertain in our faith. But if we are certain that there is a God, then we are stupid. Of course, by the same argument, I could say that then you would have to be agnostic to be intelligent... which means you would not be atheist but rather "unsure" and "still seeking." Which you aren't, by your own admission and self-identification as an atheist.

So nearly everyone in the world, except the agnostic folks, are idiots. Eh, if that is the case, the label of stupid kind of loses its bite...

Feel free to correct me if I've misinterpreted your argument.

Me!! Correct you!? I am not God!!

Only 13% of the [US] population is proficient in these three areas—able to compare viewpoints in two editorials; interpret a table about blood pressure, age, and physical activity; or compute and compare the cost per ounce of food items.

Thirteen percent! Only thirteen percent of Americans can handle those three simple tasks. I shouldn't have labeled the other 87% stupid, but I was feeling ornery. Ignorant would be a more accurate description. Still, it's a great many people with really marginal critical thinking skills. People are just plain ignorant, and they believe whatever they want to believe.

There are only two kinds of people on the road: idiots, who want to drive slower than you do; and a-holes, who want to drive faster than you do.
Then, to top it off, people add in listening to the radio, having conversations, eating....

Crashing (while eating, conversations[and phone]), disregard for others (while eating, conversations[phone]), hate and anger towards others(road rage and selfishness and lack of thought), killing of others(all the above and driving way out of their capabilities.), killing of animals(all of the above and driving out of their capabilities)

Woooah check out the multi tasking :)

Human drivers are amazing :D
There are only two kinds of people on the road: idiots, who want to drive slower than you do; and a-holes, who want to drive faster than you do.

Eh, I can usually tolerate those two kinds. It's the dumb-a$$e$ with a cell phone in their ear that want to take both lanes at the same time that get my ire.
My worst nightmare are the vans with kids in the back and mom turned around yelling at them and driving at the same time. :eek:

Yeah, people crash. But look at how often we don't. Wouldn't happen if you put bonobos behind the wheel. Just sayin'.

And Tao... nice passive-aggressive move, there. LOL :rolleyes:

YouTube - Joan Osbourne - One of Us

Who knows?
As an atheist, a Jewish one at that, I'd like to see an atheist board or sub-board. It would be a place to discuss different kinds of atheism, hear personal accounts of “why I became an atheist,” or “why I returned to religion” and explore non-theistic spirituality. These things can be discussed (and have been) on various other sub-boards but they tend not to be the main focus of the threads. Having one place to go to find other atheists and atheist topics would be helpful to many of us. How about putting it in the secularism forum?
Well, we're "" a place to discuss matters of faith between peoples of faith. :)

We do have areas for discussion of non-faith issues, as you note. There's nothing wrong with setting up any individual discussions on such topics as you see fit.