December 26, 2023

Growth Christianity

by Interfaith

For the last two years I have sensed a (proverbial) “calling.” Something or some part of me says “Articulate and promote an expression of Christianity that empowers people to grow towards wholeness.” The inner voice’s emphasis seemed to be on the word “grow.” So, one of the first steps to answer the call was to […]

On the Question of Evil

by Interfaith

From the works of Frithjof Schuon: Manifestation is not the Principle, the effect is not the cause; that which is ‘other than God’ could not possess the perfections of God, hence in the final analysis and within the general imperfection of the created, there results that privative and subversive phenomenon which we call evil. This […]

Be still and know that I am God

by Interfaith

“To say ‘I am God’ does indeed sound arrogant. It feels like blasphemy. But in fact, what is blasphemy is not to say ‘I am God’, what is really blasphemous is to say ‘I am a person’. Because in saying ‘I am a person’, what we’re saying is that I am a being with my […]

November 30, 2023

Is True Love biblical ? The bible says about finding True Love?

by Interfaith

The bible tells us love comes from God, but what type of love is true love. Is true love from God? The true love God says is what needs in the heart to find it? Is his True love as a father, the love a women and men must have to find true love? The […]

Terrorism and the forces of evil.

by Interfaith

Like many of you, I suspect, I have been mulling over the purpose of terrorism in the process of reality and evolution. The best I have, is that the purpose of the terrorist is to inspire hatred. Once a person allows themselves to hate, they are blocked from spiritual development – the aim of evil […]

Recent Convert to Christ

by Interfaith

This brave soul, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, chose Christ after 50+ years as a Muslim & then an Atheist:   Nicholas Weeks Nov 13, 2023 Visit thread:    

November 20, 2023

What Am I?

by Interfaith

I would like to pose a philosophical question to everyone. If I do not believe in external deities, but I do believe in my GodSelf (i.e. Higher Self/Psyche/Soul) as the one and only God that we can ever come to know. Do you consider me a Theist or an Atheist? [ATTACH type=”full”]3880[/ATTACH]   Amir Alzzalam  […]

A New Creation

by Interfaith

What surprises and saddens me, among people of all faiths, is the idea of this earth, this life, being utterly disposable, a place to escape from without further delay. I agree with the Buddhist idea of the transient and ephemeral, I agree with the teaching of Atma and Maya, I agree with all those teachings […]

November 19, 2023


by Interfaith

From another thread [QUOTE=”_Hermes_, post: 381960, member: 21275″] realisation that I had autism spectrum disorder. Sometimes I wonder if it was because of all of that meditation that I just suddenly ended, or if it was due to work? [/QUOTE] Simply contemplating life changes, situational changes and brain changes.   Are we stuck with our […]

Locked Gates

by Interfaith

I am new here, and finding it hard to find a place in this interfaith wilderness to find rest and respite. I’m not sure where to post as going through the threads I do not see open doors but locked gates. To be honest it saddens me, because I have been enslaved behind such gates […]

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