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  • im sorry about the highness of my horse there grey
    guess i kinda got... carried away ;) (lol)

    p.s. please keep ur grandson away from cricket!!!!
    my team doesnt need anymore trouble from u aussies :p
    Oops. Thanks for dropping by. . .I did not see your message; I do not have a computer at home. I have been doing pretty well. I take one class at school at work part-time at the moment. . .y tu?
    Oh, sorry . . . I didn't see this. I suppose the greeting has now expired! As for this morning, well, I slept early and woke up early. I woke up feeling kind of weak for some reason, had a snack and now . . . I'm as alive as normal.
    Say nice things about the stallion and you can be my friend - oops you are my friend!
    Hey the grey. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your holiday in the "land of the free." Looks like you had a good one!
    Latest upload shows John Boy in a better light. This picture was taken about a month before he went to school. Halter and no lead. He has a nice extended trot and floats his gaits, turns on a dime and gives you 9-cents change. The Plans are to breed him next spring.

    BTW did I mention I was proud of him?
    He is a 5-year-old quarter horse stallion whose stable-name is "John Boy." I miss him very much as he is away for two years of hunter/jumper schooling. He stands about 16 hands high, and the trainer's teen-age niece can groom him in the stall without a halter or lead. To say that he is my pride and joy (and favorite puppy) is an understatement. The vet said he was a stout boy and has asked multiple times if he was indeed a stallion to his gentle disposition. BTW did I mention that he is my pride and joy?
    Oops that point of sail is called close hauled. A bit of mind fuzz - not enough whiskey I guess.<grin>
    I like your albums Grey! Fun to see pix of Josh and yourself. I hope you can come back again some time (soon).
    the quiet , the calm, the fast, the drift, its all good. At one point i could hear the wind roaring just before it hit the sail... that was magic......
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