Happy birthday quahom1

*a pride of :kitty:s along with a group of ferrets enter stage right and head straight for center stage, a pair of :kitty:s with a small banner loosely tied to their tails. The :kitty:s "tune up" then, after they are ready, they begin "singing" as the ferrets perform ferret acrobatics, the pair with the small banner raise their tails, exposing what is printed on it:

Happy Birthday, Quahom1!

*after their performance, the :kitty:s with the banner lower their tails, then the :kitty: chorus and ferret gymnastics "team" exit stage right, a couple of kittens and ferrets performing some tricks for Quahom1 before following the rest of the chorus/acrobatics team*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Happy Birthday, Q!!!

Oh, my! Why thank you all!

When ferrets raise their tails...run for cover (lol)
It's not often I get two birthdays on different sides of the world...
It is a party!
I love balloons!
Well I set my car cruise control on for some reason and laughed at all the folks getting pulled over in New Jersey for speeding, so I guess I did get a gleaning of wisdom...
That was a BIG Happy birthday ;-))
You are first Grey...

Thank you all!


Hope you like Strawberry Cheesecake Q!!


That's some artery clogging goodness rite there