Happy Birthday Brian!!

I gotta do it (no you don't) yes I do (no, you don't) yes (no) ok (good) here we go (aw sugar)...

*a pride of :kitty:s enter stage right and head straight for center stage, a pair of them with a small banner loosely tied to their tails. The :kitty:s "tune up" then, after they are ready, they begin "singing", the pair with the small banner raise their tails, exposing what is printed on it:

Belated Happy Birthday, Brian!

*after their performance, the :kitty:s with the banner lower their tails, then the :kitty: chorus exit stage right, a couple of kittens performing some tricks for Brian before following the rest of the chorus*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Many thanks for the birthday salutations, all!

Flu almost gone, can almost enjoy life properly again. :)