What's For Dinner?

I had been away for a few days and then misplaced my cash card. So last night was some rather dodgy humus with crackers and a tomato that had seen better days.
We had vegan "cheese" maccaroni, and blintzes for dessert. Yummy food.
My only experience with vegan cheese was a few years ago. I used it to make a quiche. I was not overly impressed. However I am told that some of the more recent brands are much better. Perhaps I should give it another try?
The recipe we had did not use a vegan "cheese". Instead, the sauce consisted of sweet potatoes, carrots, an onion, boiled together and then put in a blender with some french mustard, garlic, and nutritional yeast, soaked cashew nuts, salt&pepper. Very nice and creamy (but would not fool a cheese fan).
Sounds great @Cino. Since I discovered it nutritional yeast is now one of my "must-haves" in the kitchen.
A nice Thai-inspired salad, a tri-colour corn-on-the-cob and a vegetarian burger along with a passionfruit agua fresca for me and the (usual) crunchies along with Milwaukee tap water for The Trio (they deserve their dinner imho!)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
sauce consisted of sweet potatoes, carrots, an onion, boiled together and then put in a blender with some french mustard, garlic, and nutritional yeast, soaked cashew nuts, salt&pepper. Very nice and creamy (but would not fool a cheese fan
Sounds like a vegan cheese recipe to me...
Imagine a plate of pasta puttanesca in front of you. You taste it, then realize it doesn't have any meat! There is an actual product that I've had (even last night) along with passionfruit sparkling water and frozen red seedless grapes (the grapes went with my meds.)

The :kitty: delegation had gooshy food and cool water from their fountains for their dinners last night (it was to counteract the heat Milwaukee's going through.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I made a stuffed veggie burger using pepperjack cheese slices and salsa verde, serving it on a whole wheat hamburger bun. I had fresh fruit cocktail/salad as well as caffeine-free diet cola as well as my medications.

The Trio had tinned gooshy food and Milwaukee tap water flowing from their fountains (the weather was still rather hot/humid here.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I threw together some mirepoix, vegetarian ground "beef", potato flakes and some garlic, then stuffed the mixture into a whole wheat pita (one of my WiPs) and had a caffeine-free diet cola and a small package of fig bars along with my medications.

The Trio had tinned food and their usual water from their fountain.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Homemade pasta salad using homemade cheese ravioli and reduced fat Italian dressing, sakura-flavoured sparking water and mixed berry fruit salad. I had my medications for dessert.

The Trio had tinned food and cool Milwaukee tap water (using their little water fountain.) They've really taken a shine to the fountain during this heat wave!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Vegetarian Cincinnatti chili and a diet soda to go with viewing a possible supernova (Betelgues is going supernova in a different tab, so I'm not missing anything AFAIK.)

:kitty: delegation's having their usual, plus Tovarish is finishing up her tin of albacore tuna (I opened it to tempt her into a carrier, but she's too wily for that...) :(

Phyllis sidhe_Uaine
A vegetarian cheese"burger" with Hatch pico de gallo, a lemoncello sparkling water and a frozen ice stick along with my medications (for dessert) for me and different flavours of tinned food along with Milwaukee tap water for the :kitty: delegation.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I mixed reduced-sodium vegetarian vegetable soup with sliced vegetarian sausage (to add a tad of salt to make the soup taste better) along with a Hatch pepper burger (ran out of cheese) and a diet soda.

:kitty: delegation's having their usual (gotta get filters for their fountains because the current filters need to be changed.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We had a pilaw with patisson (a type of courgette), spinach and peas, and some pinto bean stew.

Nicely colorful: yellow rice, dark green spinach, light green peas, the pale patisson, and the red stew.
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Mushroom soup and tapas delivered from Pizza Hut, and leftover salad delivered from a local restaurant with some chopped-up vegetables added, seasoned with oil, vinegar, and lemon Mediterranean salt and garlic from store-bought grinders.
Vegetarian brats in whole wheat hot dog buns along with light Caesar salad and passionfuit sparkling water. Fresh fruit salad and another passionfruit sparkling water along with my medications for dessert

:kitty: delegation had tinned shreds and cool Milwaukee tap water (the water was from their fountain.) They deserve coool water due to the temperatures both inside and outside the flat.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Vegetarian pasta puttanesca, fresh fruit bowl and sakura-flavoured sparkling water for me along with my medications; chicken-flavoured crunchies and Milwaukee tap water in a :kitty: fountain for The Trio.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I added some chopped vegetarian chicken to a balsamic Italian salad, then I mixed up an Arnold Palmer (equal parts iced tea and lemonade, both sugarfree in my case) and had a couple of crunchy granola bars that I spread a layer of peanut butter on. All of that was followed up with medications (as usual.)

:kitty: delegation had tinned food and Milwaukee tap water (water from their fountains) to help keep them cooler/hydrated since it was in the mid 80s F. here.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I took some veggie pork and made a stew that I cooked in a pie pumpkin, picked up the ingredients for millionaire's shortbread (won't use that recipe again!) and had some decaffeinated Constant Comment tea along with my medications. Going to have leftovers over the the early part of Sukkos except for the shortbread (might try a recipe for Queen Elizabeth II's favourite shortbread instead.)

:kitty: delegation had their crunchies along with their water (going to pick up tinned food tomorrow as treats.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine