Any anti vax/mask/virus hoaxers here?

The US Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden's rule requiring workers at large companies to be vaccinated or masked and tested weekly.
The justices at the nation's highest court said the mandate exceeded the Biden administration's authority.
Separately they ruled that a more limited vaccine mandate could stand for staff at government-funded healthcare facilities.

-BBC News-

That's a good result. I think we can all live with that. :)

I am an anti vaxx/ mask/coronavirus person. I was raised in a very poor area, I swam in sewers, ate the best parts of a moldy day old loaf of bread. I was sent out to play with children in the neighborhood that had chicken pox just to get it. My first bed of my own I pulled out of the garbage at 13 years of age. I was mostly on my own by 15 sleeping in places that would make most peoples skin crawl.

I put myself through high school, the military and collage I started working when I was 15 and as of age 52, I have been without work in all those years less then two months.

Coronavirus to me is clearly a red flag, there are so many parts of it that just makes no sense to me or my family. I work in a facility that only has less then 40 employees, so the mandates have no effect on me alone. My wife on the other hand was a social worker for a veterans nursing home that was falling under the mandates in a state that is to weak to stand up for its people. My wife resigned from her 30 dollar an hour job with excellent benefits, to a job working with children in a daycare for 11 dollars an hour with no benifits but is happy and relieved she does not have to get the vaccine.

I am not complaining just saying we have our beliefs and we will go back to meager beginnings to up hold them.

The Supreme Courts decision saved my sons job, and mine and hopefully in a time when this b.s. has moved on, my wife can then get back to social work again.

Dr Campbell today 20/01/2022

No, they are not, that is the hoax.
What you got? Simple denials without corroboration are unlike you.

Seems hospitalizations and deaths of unvaxxed occur 10x (or more depending on location of study) than unvaxxed.

Some think the vac is a failure because we have only figured out how to keep hospitalizations and deaths down...i will take it.
Newly released freedom of information request Pfizer data. Bear in mind the stats cover only the first three months from December to Feb 2021. It's quite scary, actually, imo
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I have avoided.the bug so far...

I have lost friends and family to it.

I have friends and family which have survived awful times in hospitals...and some who are still experiencing longterm affects...copd, asthma, memory issues, extreme lethargy.

With Ba1 the number of friends who got it is triple the number that got it the first couple of years but thankfully for most it has been dramatically less severe.

But as a person within plenty of preexisting conditions....age, heart, lungs....I got no interest in getting the bug.

I will continue to take boosters every 6 months since they are exponentially safer than the bug.

I frankly feel it unconscionable to recommend folks otherwise....and would not follow anyone over that cliff.
Safe, except for one relative who suffered a lot. Probably, the virus visited us (some of us tested positive), but the symptoms were not noticeable. We all (members of the family) have taken the jabs and booster, except for our 10+ grandson. Do not know why Government of India has not yet approved jabs for them?
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What does the majority medical opinion says? Thankfully, we have no such 'freedom' problem in India.
I'm bumping this thread. Now that a year has passed I'm curious if anyone's opinions have changed? I was more fearful of the damage from the shots than I was about the virus itself. I personally know people that have died or have permanent damage from the shots and never had any people die or hospitalized from the virus.
USA was using Pfizer vaccines. The opposition (Rahul Gandhi or his acolytes of the Indian National Congress) tried to pressurize the government to use it (Pfizer would not accept the indemnity clause), but the Indian government did not budge. Pfizer vaccine would have been much more costly. We used Indian vaccines and have been successful in controlling Covid.
A total of 1940 active cases and 2 deaths after four days with no deaths from all over India.
My view on USA government has sadly deteriorated in the past 18 years. Follow the money and the corruption will be revealed. The FDA is full of vipers.