What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

I doubt my rate of buying will stay steady.... most of my collection are quite old... They don't make them like they used to, ;) There is only around 3 - 4 if that that are recent releases each month that I am ever interested in... Hmm *thinks* This month, Jan I have bought four new films... So it steadily goes down I think. A million in 42 years? I would then be in my seventies.... lol I am not sure but I think when I am that old material way of living will have faded some.
OK, watched a few last night....


This is a comedy about some guy who... (sorry don't know the "politically correct" term.) is a midget. Called baby face, he and a partner (the kid from the Cosby show lol.) Steal this massive diamond and then get chased down by cops... Baby face stashes the diamond in this ladies handbag... And you get a bit of info on the lady and her husband, and they are trying real hard for a baby and this wish comes true... The same day baby face has a shave gets dressed up like a baby and is dumped on their doorstep.. His mission? To get that diamond back... Not HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA LOL'Z!$£11!!!/// Funny, just it has it's moments. 6 - 10

Fun with Dick & Jane...

Another comedy!! This one was a good un! Jim Carrey plays this executive that has just got promoted! Nice house! Car! and so on! Then they find out the company he works for has been "fiddling" funds... They go into liquidation and Jim and his wife (Jane) end up with nothing... They go through alsorts of ways to get money... Sneaking Mexicans over the border, Working in walmart, being used as test subjects for beauty products.. Then they move on to -trying- to hold up gas stations... comming away with nothing but an unpaid bill for a slush puppy. They begin to get better at robbing and start hitting big targets... To begin with just a simple water pistol. Then finally come up with a real sneaky plan to rob Dick's former boss who is still rich as ever and sitting pretty..... I don't wish to ruin the gag lines but there is really funny moments in this one... 8 - 10

Angel Heart....

Kind of a twisting Voodoo thriller... I saw it coming, but I tend to know the plot and end before the film is 5mins old... Still a good film... A mysterious man caled Louis Cypher.... Hires this washed up private detective Harry Angel, to locate a person that has been hospitalised for the past 12 years... He had apparently come back from a war and wasn't able to speak, walk or talk... He takes the job, on arriving at the hospital they confirm he is there, but he isn't able to be visited... With digging around Angel finds that the man had walked out of the hospital years ago and the hospital was paid off to pretend the man was still held there. So the film is simply Harry Angel tracking this man down, at every corner he turns someone close or has any answers to this missing person gets killed in a voodoo ritual manner.. Will he find his man? :eek: 7 - 10
Paris Is Burning, a documentary about the "ball" circuit in New York City, focusing on the Paris Is Burning "Ball" participants (filmed mostly in 1987, the last few minutes in 1989.) Let's just say it was for my Wednesday evening class. *shrug*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The Dark..

Awesome film watched it last night... Alot of welsh/celtic religious stuff in this one... A man creates his own typoe of religion, he is called the Shepherd.... He also has a young daughter named Ebrill, who sadly dies. (aww.) anyway... He "sacrafices" his followers into the ocean for the return of his daughter..... around 60 years before. Now in the present time a man (sean bean) his wife and daughter move out to these cliffs of Wales... Lots of thrilling dark moments, maybe if you are weak in courage perhaps a few hide behind the sofa moments.... Their daughter drowns and they slowly unravel the truth behind this Welsh village and as the "tag line says" One of the living for one of the dead.... Her mother won't let it go and attempts to bring her girl back... Anyway tons of stuff I've missed... kind of foggy today.. I still feel like I've only just woken up... The last 30 mins or so of the film make this one... Real head job.... You have to keep alot of attention onto things or you yourself can become lost from the plot lol.... So anyway what I can remeber of it I think it's aboot 7 - 10 *nods*
Ghost in the Shell.

Thought it was interesting but not as scintillating as I had expected. Worth watching again though I think. Excellent animation...

Pan's Labyrinth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this part surreal fable / part wartime drama. The two strands of the film intertwined and you never knew where the film would end. It was very creative and absorbing as well as being highly original in style.

Highly recommended.

The Guardian.

Kevin Costner and Ashton Kusher.

Ain't one thing about the movie being "hollywood" sized. It is as real as real gets, from action to personal plots and demons...

Taken from two real life incedents. (one where a wave hit the tail of a Dauphin helicopter (HH-65), off Oregon in 1996, and one where the HH-60 crashed in Kodiak).

Swimmer school is exactly as depicted. Flight crews really talk to eachother that way (and listen). "Bingo" really does mean the point of no return. On a good day the hoist can only handle 600 lbs. A swimmer really will stay behind if too many victims are in the helicopter.

The Navy really does not like us (but the Marines love us). Coastys rarely lose a fight. We're so underestimated it isn't funny...(except for the Marines).

Yes, we do go out when the Navy is tied to the pier due to weather.

It is a grand story, that tells a tale, typical of the life of an ASM/AST in the Coast Guard. Been there, done that, own the tee shirt...;)



Pan's Labyrinth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this part surreal fable / part wartime drama. The two strands of the film intertwined and you never knew where the film would end. It was very creative and absorbing as well as being highly original in style.

Highly recommended.


Hmm odd, someone else I know was talking to me earlier on MSN about this Pan's Labyrinth... A trip to Tesco's(hail and have mercy) me thinks.
Near Dark, great vampire flik with some good ideas and stunning images- bit of a lame ending tho... Serenity, the film continuation/conclusion to Firefly (not that you need to have seen the short lived series)-full of laugths, action, twists, turns and a few nasty surprises Recomended. The new Wicker Man, i'm in agreement with 17th Angel here- I got my money back but what about the time I wasted?
sara[h]ng;82567 said:
There's no way the 'ultimate stupid funny movie' could be the topic of discussion for long without someone bringing up Monty Python and the Holy Grail...

What about the original 'The Exorcist'- I have been informed that this isn't actually a comedy but I was in fits of giggles all the way through. (I have been called a sick S.O.B. for that...) Blazing saddles- absolute classsic, one of the funniest films ever. Carry On Up The Kyber- just, what can I say? Is it just me or was the recent 'Lion, Witch & Wardrobe' just a glossy, limp wristed waste of a realy good childrens book?
The exorcist like many other horrors was not classed as comedy and was indeed banned, like many other films, but people back in the day were not used to this kinda CRAZYNESS :D We fine people of today are de-sensitised to this stuff... It's my bread and butter... A maniac weilding a chainsaw? Loving it.... Some demonic insane beast with seven heads eating families awesome.... This stuff is old news... There are thousands of horrors and as time goes on they become more realistic but we are still immune to it... It's a film... And we love it. The older films, may lack acting, stable plot or realistic graphics so they become the gory comedy section... To us, to the people back in the day.... SHOCKING!!! Most frightening thing you shall ever witness!! People screaming and running from the cinemas... When was the last time you heard or saw people running scared from a theatre?

No, you're not a 'Carry on' fan are you?

The lion and wardrobe and whatever I thought the new film was bearable... Although I saw it before the first film.... I always tend to prefer the first version of whatever I see, be it the new or the old one.... Anyway, watched the old one... Fell asleep....

Charlie and the chocolate factory... Now the new version of that is worse than the orginal.... so that can go in the "burn" section with the Wickerman... I think the lion witch and bedside cabinet can escape that fate.
No, not a 'Carry On' fan- only that one which I find funny. (oh, and 'Carry On Screaming'). The last time I heard of any one running screaming from a cinema- it was a while back-Aracnphobia was the film and it (very nearly) was me- I'm terrified of spiders (and clowns- I fear the day when Giant Spider Mutants Dressed As Clowns Take Over The Earth...) and that bit at the beggining when the big hairy one 'jumps' onto the camera lense...
17th Angel, your a cruel and spiteful man (lol). Saw Apocalypto last night-it was damn good to (could be called Mel Gibson Attached To Historically Accurate Movie That Doesn't Take A Pop At The English- but Apocalypto's snappier i think). Does show how advanced the Aztecs were and just what a blood thirsty, evil buch of... very nasty people they were to (something he's no-doubt going to be criticised for). Just brought Pans Labyrinth- keep hearing good things so...
17th Angel, your a cruel and spiteful man.

Yeah, I get that quite often... Mostly from my shrink.

Apocalypto.. I wish to see this, maybe sometime soon.

Pan's Lab.. I wanna see that too!$£"!$ I haven't got my act in gear to go buy it yet though.

Watched tv for once last night.... A film was on, Jeepers Creepers 2... 4.5 - 10. Twas, as terrible as the first, I thought that perchance they would explain the killer more, and go in depth to how he became and such... Alas, that never happened... There are many frustrating points in this film like many of these "15 thrillers" So many places where you go red in the face and are screaming in rage and frustration at the screen for the cowardly "victims" to do something... They stand around gormless, pathetic, they deserved what they got... Most of the film again, was predictable... So many ideal chances to just kill the thing and they don't.... The ending is even worse, I won't say much about the ending but if you see this film, I am sure you would come to the same logical conclusion of what must be done.... Fin.

Also my current MUST FREAKING SEE... Right up there at numero uno. "Hannibal Rising." This is either going to be a massive disaster... Or sweet, sweet entertainment... I hope it is this.
Bought 'Click' last night.... Brilliant film... Loved it.

This film isn't a "has it's moments" comedy... It's moment starts straight away and doesn't end till the finish... So funny. Again for me it was predictable but thats just me... The film's plot is freaking awesome... Some good moral messages behind it. Even though it is a comedy there are a few very emotional scenes where even I almost let a tear slip lol.... Anyway don't wish to say too much about it.... Just fresh and funny... 9 - 10