What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

I haven't seen it yet but I have heard that HBO made a movie called "The Librarian". I read it is supposed to be something like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or something.

Has anyone seen this movie? Was it good? Did it stink? Or what?
I think I saw a bit of it on TV. Looked rubbish, from what I saw there was also no comparison with Raiders
:eek: She di int say that!

How about Tremors? of Blazin Saddles? of Up in Smoke?

One of my favorite lines...'We plan ahead, that way we don't have to do anything today.'

Blazin' Saddles... Or any Mel Brooks film in that case beats Monty Python.... The python gets old..... Specially when you grew up with it. I can sometimes watch the TV episodes, the ones where I've forgotten the punchlines. But the films... *snores* What I like with the Mel Brooks films, he knows a good actor when he see's one.... Gene Wilder???

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My kids picked 'Happy Feet' this weekend and it was much fun. Lot of thinking regarding stereotyping, and fundamentalism, and ecology interesting mix of societal conundrums...
I weally, weally want to see that movie with the penguins--LOL--that one, too.:) (I still haven't seen the first one--the new one is a sequel, right?) I don't get out much.

And 17th--I have been meaning to post my agreement with you on Mel Brooks. Indeed--stupid-funny, but genius!

And 17th--I have been meaning to post my agreement with you on Mel Brooks. Indeed--stupid-funny, but genius!


He worked with four other geniuses of "bizarre" comedy (Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner and Neil Simon), so he should have picked something up from them somewhere.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Two words.... Well two words merged into ONE word...


Get it, steal it, watch it, love it....... This film pwns. I haven't laughed so much for ages... It's basically the cast from 'super troopers' 'island death' and few other films.... Also got willie nelson in it :D
Just got 'Children of Men.' Will be watching tonight....

Watched serverance last night, interesting... The rascal of the group that has some odd experiences.... lol gave me fond memories I forgot of myself in Amsterdam... So had a good laugh at that film.... Even though it is supposed to be a horror... *shruggs*
Finally watched 'Children of Men'. Certainly has it's moments and is a very good film, alas the ending, in my mind leaves me with a few questions that have not gone answered.....

There is this one moment in the film, (won't give details because may ruin it for anyone wanting to see this film....) But there is a very, very heated battle, pretty realistic... It makes me have a few memories... But it is pure chaos.... innocents dying and soldiers dying, then, just in this moment of rage, everything... stops. There is this awesome sound of silence.... (silence makes a nice sound believe me.) And there for five minutes or so, this peace, and that messed with my head lol.... I was engaged in the gun fight and then this peace.... Kind of knocked me off guard and played on my emmotions. I liked that experience from the film..... ANYWAY! Overall the films sweet.... 8.5 - 10.
OK, on my way to work, I purchased three DVD's

'The WickerMan directors cut.'
'Fun with Dick & Jane.'

Going to probally watch them tonight, looking forward to seeing how this new wickerman goes down compared to the 1970's cult classic version... It seems alot more "another world" In the first version obviously you see nothing but the pagans themselves but in this version there seems to be demons/spirits and a woman who can turn into a swarm of killer bees..... lol... Anyway thats my DVD updates...
Ok now I have over 600 DVD's... Keep this in mind... 600.... Out of all of these DVD's I only have one film that I would say was a load of rubbish...

I sat down like I said last night, and watched the remake of the Wickerman... This was the biggest waste of 90 odd mins of my life, ever.

I'm having trouble moderating my language to describe how bad the film was in acceptable language... heh, bare with me....

The way I would describe the overall 'thing' it is was as I feared it would be, very Amercian-ised and all hollywood. The theme music? Where did that go? The orginial copy had pagan tunes and such and gave it a real nice feel I loved those songs, in this they have been replaced by some lame hollywood almighty themes. The acting was worse than a porn stars acting... really terrible.... And there were a few big names in this.... ONE big name in this film... I would say, it was like you showed the real wickerman film to some american producer once... THEN, told him to remake the film, going by his memory. There were patches... loose ends, things not described or explained.... There was no realtionships between characters the only three characters you got to know were mel gibson as some california cop in the area of washington on "police business" lol... his ex lover and the Sister Summersisle??? What the hell happened to LORD Summersisle.... Anyway even these three characters you have a SMALL amount of information.... There is no real connection between them either, when they interact it is like I am freaking back in my school drama classes...... Ugh.... Did I mention how rubbish the second rate acting was? Yes? Well, I felt it deserved to be mentioned again... But hey some may find 90 mins of Nicholas Cage rolling down hills jumping in pools riding peddal bikes up and down hills, running away from honey bees and some how keeping his suite magically clean and dry fun go for it... Otherwise, please, I beg of you don't -PAY- to see this if you have to waste you time then I would suggest downloading it.... OR better yet!!! Anyone want to buy my copy :D


0.5 - 10
Ok now I have over 600 DVD's...
600 DVDs??

Wow. Now I wouldn't find the time to watch a movie a week..can't imagine having a decades worth in the vault. The only movies I've ever got were given to me, maybe I have 10 (dvd, beta, vhs), I haven't watched them all, I haven't watched one of them twice. I've got some movies my kids watched a number of times...

I see a movie at the theaters, or from a rental, or on broadcast TV (no cable) for the first time...and then I may watch it a second time when it is replayed...

Movies that I've seen three times would be less than 2 dozen, movies more than three times would be less than 5...

600 DVDs I can't fathom it... If I had my own private theater I think I'd have a collection like that...but I just upgraded from 14"-19"....

Now 17th I'm figuring you probably dl or dupe a lot of those surely you haven't purchased them all but if you have this is a great example for compounding interest and the like... calculate how much you've spent (or would have spent) so far...how much you spend a month and put it into virtual savings for 40 years...how well could you retire??
Retire is not an issue for me lol... I just can't quit work because of my %"£%£" %wife.... lol.

but ok this could be interesting to see I guess :)

I have over 600 I know for sure... My neice counted them the other weekend lol... it was somewhere in the mid 600's...

I would say around 50 are downloaded copies.... ¬.¬ If you're a cop however I would say none are.

I have collected them over the past year and a half... I know that because before that I sold all my DVD's.... But yeah for the past year and a half I have been collecting them I guess.... I just -have- to spend my money... :p I would say on average I buy around one a day lol... But I kind of have my own theatre... ;/ Kick butt sound system and a HD 50" screen... I class that as a theatre... Also I do not watch my cabel... Have it but just rarely watch it.... So I use that to justify the amount of DVD's I have....

But honestly... We could say..

Take away my two cars and motorbike, the fuel costs all the cigarettes and other plants I smoke, all the DVD's I own.... The pets I have and the costs to feed them and so and so forth and be like I would save X amount of pounds... But what would I have in exchange? ;) More money, and nothing to keep me busy.... ;/ So I think indeed things can cost alot of money when all added up but I wouldn't want to be without my things. Or How much money do you spend a month of feeding yourself and family?? Wow if we add that up.. in a year you would save X... best stop eating lol... but it's something you -need- and are not yourself without it... that is me with my stuff.

On average they cost £14.00 each so x 550 shall we say is £7,700.00.
Oh there is definitely a balance....and if movies are a passion it is valuable...

but most of us don't think about retirement till about 50...uh my age...and then wish we'd listen to others earlier....

Hold it this is the lounge...my bad.

I could start to list a bunch of movies I knew were on the telly but didn't watch...
I am sure if you wanted I could get you those movies... ;)

I am not sure If I would say movies are a passion, lol I just find it is a way to speed up/distract the boredom of my life.

Yeah retirement here is something like 65.... Indeed I am a lucky one.. Just even If I bring up the topic of me not working any longer my wife gets "started" and I try to explain if she felt it not fair she too could quit work and we could travel and do whatever, but she won't have that... *sighs*