The "OF" Corral

You can't finish a conversation because you can't remember what you were talking about. earl
Yep, you reach a certain age and you get coralled. Not intentionally you understand, it's just that the passing of the "55" barrier automatically relegates you to new labels and names. Old timer, Gramps, Pops, Granny, Geezer, Maw, and the ever present and ever popular "Old Fart" seem to be the most popular and most fitting to the genre'.

Now, this is something that has been involunatrily imposed by the rest of society upon those of us who have attained a certain level of age and wisdom. However societies, and especially Western societies, tend to compulsively and obsessively focus upon the young and their perceived achievements in order to create saleable self images.

I am creating this special place of serenity for persons of an advanced age and maturity to share stories about life. They don't have to be personalized for that is always a great risk in a public forum. Just stories that might demonstrate how OF Corral members might have come upon their particular insights, wisdoms, and philosophies for living a life.

The OF Corral is a fenced-in ten acre spread with a nice log clubhouse. The clubhouse has a full kitchen and dining facilities, along with all of the needed indoor plumbing conveniences. Members can bring thier own food and cook up a storm as long they are willing to share and clean up after themselves.

A side room is set up as a BYO open bar and is open from four to seven every evening. Intoxicating beverages can only be consumed in this room within those time periods. Each new member will be given a gratis snifter of their spirit of choice upon registration. Smoking is only allowed on the porch, and only if your fellow members who are there agree to it in their presence.

There's lots of nice sofas, armchairs, magazines and books, but no televisions or game consoles. Music is always playing and may be automatically varied upon member requests. Dancing is encouraged. Cellphones are not allowed, but a free telephone is available for use by members for their local calls. Parking on the premises is not allowed, but a lighted and asphalted lot is available just beyont the front gate.

The clubhouse features a wide wraparound porch with lots of cane bottom rocking chairs for those who wish the comforts of outdoor companionship. After all, confined spaces are a problem sometimes for OF's.
There's a grove of maples, oaks, and pines out back surrounding a pond stocked with bass and sunfish. Tackle and bait is available free of charge for member and their guest(s) under 12 years of age. Camping equipment is also avaible for sleep-outs and campfire experiences.

That's about it friends. There are no membership fees or dues. The CR COC is the governing set of rules. Everything is virtual right down to and including any gas which may be passed.

C'mon in everyone, whose age and experience automatically qualifies them. And in case anyone wants to know, I decided to formally create and open this spread only because I read this story:

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Devon | Flatulence ban for club pensioner

Snoopy...since you and I are already enrolled, I expect that Mr. Fox should be invited to be our first "outside" member. In fact we'll probably encourage him to sit on the porch much of the time. Either that or keep the music turned way up in the clubhouse.

We miss you Flow. earl
A best friend I never met, but still with us, eh flow :)

Snoopy (a maturer fart since we last spoke. well, older...)
I was challenged to arm wrestle with my 13 year old grandson the other day - had him in a stand-off (we were at a small table in a fast food place) until he said looking around the room "grandma, what if my friends see me get beat by an old lady" - I burst out laughing and lost. He grinned and said "I knew that would make you laugh and you would weaken".....young and wise is he my mo'opuna (grandchild) .... aloha nui, pohaikawahine
Golly day this place is dusty..... and ewe.... time to clean out the fridge.... gross...over a year and the ashtray hasn't been emptied...

That does it... no more smoking in the OFC.
Can we please just have a smokers corner????
Somewhere near the juke box would be nice!!!
I thought if you left the stuff in the fridge long enough, it would clean itself out!

Love the grey!
I raise a memory, a glass full of warm and wonderful thoughts...

to all here....

and to all who have moved on... to Flow and Prober...

and to all who are still on... and not forgotten..... those who cannot be fenced...the stallions that go the way of the horse...

I raise a memory to all of you... and drink it in.... I am blessed.

Thomas... I think I just had a new level of appreciation and acceptance of the Eucharist.... Now you may think that blasphemous, but I think it glorious....
No spring cleaning done, but some old posts that are more comfy than the chairs to read thru.

A little slice of heaven this is....along with our recipe thread, the haiku, and our thread of growing positivity....this ranks amongst the places to come and relax, rewind, and reignite...bless you all.